Saturday, January 27, 2007

On Being a Waitress

Sadness upon sadness, I have no pictures. And it's hard to get any pictures unless it's of a classroom, work (both which would be hard to explain) or the inside of my eyelids as I sleep.

School is going okay... however... I have exams coming up this week. One in math and one in geology. I'm not as worried about geology (which reminds me - I need to go print out the study guide.), but math is another matter altogether. And it's a strange way to take a test in my opinion. The exam is due BY Thursday. So we get our homework signed off (that we turned it all in) by the teacher, go to this testing room where they also have tutoring and stuff, sign in and they give us the test there. On our own time! Hmph.

Work is interesting. The really raunchy guys have been nicer to me for some reason. I guess they got tired of trying to "break" me. Either that, or it's the eye of the hurricane. Last night was fun (sarcasm! sarcasm!). After being told that I looked "really, really beautiful", another guy told me he knows lots of single guys that he works with. It is his mission to find me a guy. And he said they all make good money because they are carpenters. Hmph. I am, of course, skeptical. Him and his wife and her parents are regulars there. Something to aspire to.

When I left work last night (well, this morning a little after 3 a.m.) I saw a car parked near the door with their lights on and the driver's door open. I am careful, so I stared at the car while the bartender was waiting for me to leave. The I heard, "Ooooh, hoo-hoo-hoo...." She was sobbing. I told the bartender (who was holding the door open still), "There's somebody crying over there, do you want me to go over?" I figured if it were a girl, it would be better for me to go. He said, "Wait, is that Jenny (one of our waitresses)?" Then he went over and started talking to her. She had been drinking after her shift was over and got polluted.

An assist. manager came to the bar and started yelling for the bartender to get in there and hurry up (because she was late on her duties), so I shut the door on her. She had been pissing me off all day and that felt great. It might have shut kind of hard. hehehe.

She was compelled to come to the door then, cigarette hanging out of her long-nailed hand. She then starting yelling for Jenny to come in.
"Jenny. Come in. Jenny. Jenny! Jenny! Come in here! JENNY! We need to finish and get out of here! Jenny! Jenny!" AAAAARRRRRRGGGGG@!$@#)!
I wanted to turn pirate on her really bad.

Jenny would say, "I'm okayyyooooooo-hoo-hoooooo...."

She ended up going inside and I (finally) went home. Oh, the joys of waitressing. I only work until midnight tonight, thank goodness.

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