Thursday, December 29, 2005


(First let me say that I will be posting about Christmas stuff - I'm just waiting on something... But I have a lot to say!!!)

I have applied for a new job. Well, I turned in the application on Tuesday. I think they're going to be calling people sometime next week or something. It's a dispatcher position with the police... I know it will be stressful, but my job right now is stressful and I've had pretty intense jobs. And it pays good. I would be able to afford stuff!!! It pays approximately twice what I'm getting now and that's awesome. I've thought about seeing if I could get food stamps, so this job would be a really good thing for me.

(Actually, lately with some excess aggression that I've had, I've wondered if I shouldn't just apply to be a police officer. But I don't know if I could tackle somebody, ya know?)

If you think about it, please pray that I get the job!!! There are two openings I think, so I have a little bit better chance than if there were only one. :) I'll keep everybody posted (hahaha... posted...). Thanks!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Snailmail Web

I hope this comes out okay... As much as I hate sp*ders, I saw this on my mailbox and had to get a picture of it.  It was when it was cold and frosty - it was awesome! But I'm glad it has warmed up a bit!

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Holiday Blues

So I've had a hard time trying to blog lately. One reason is that it takes forever for my computer to download pictures and whatnot (soon to be remedied thanks to Rayleen!). I think another reason is that I have the holiday blues.

Yeah, I know Christmas is over and all that. Maybe that's part of it, I'm not sure. But another thing is that New Year's Day is coming soon and I have another wonderful year to start off feeling like a total loser because I have nobody to kiss at the stroke of midnight. Many of you might think this is dumb, but you have somebody to kiss, don't you?

Year after year it's been the same thing for me... Much like Valentine's Day. I think there has been only one year in my entire life (sadly including the four and a half years of my marriage) when I got to kiss someone. And he ate bugs. Seriously. On bets or not. I saw him suck a gnat right out of the air once because it was annoying him and why not (apparently)? No, we weren't 5 years old, we were both in our 20's. But I was desperate enough to kiss him at the end of the big countdown. I wanted ONE year!!!

(By the way, I hope you're laughing and not thinking, "Oh, that poor girl!".)

So here's my thought/quandary: Should I stay at home like oh-so-many-years? Or should I go out to a "function" (bar) and have a couple of beers and see what happens... Okay, I'm not really deperate enough to do that, but I suppose I could go out to a party or something.

Are there any singletons out there feeling the same way? What about you people with a person to smooch? What do you think? Am I even more pathetic now that I've put this in print? Is this one of those things I should keep to myself? ;)

Friday, December 23, 2005

More of Disneyland, etc.

Okay, so here's a picture of part of the Disneyland tree - it's a real tree and it was huge. I can't remember if I got a picture of it from afar, but here's a close-up... and if you look close, you'll see my reflection in the ball! Wheee!!!

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And here are some fireworks - it was a pretty good show... except for the idiots who kept getting in my shots! Arg!

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And lastly, some of "old school Disney": Small World. It was so colorful!

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I hope everybody had as much fun as I did - it was great to see a piece of America! And I didn't even know that my cats were being bad while I was away... but that's another story.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My vacation

Well, as some of you know, I went on a little vacation. I don't plan on working at this job much longer, so I knew if I wanted a vacation it was now or never. I didn't tell any of my friends in San Diego because I was hoping to surprise them. Some of them weren't terribly surprised, but some were - it was fun!
I wish I had taken pictures of my church down there, but I forgot my camera. I got to sing with the worship team that Sunday and it was great! I love North Park Baptist Church!
I also went to Disneyland - for the first time ever! Here we are at the entrance with Mickey welcoming us to his 50th anniversary.
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Okay, more pictures later... I gotta figure out how to make these pictures smaller. Hm... I think I've got it...

Monday, December 05, 2005


Yeah, yeah... I know I haven't been posting much and I apologize. I could give excuses, but would anybody really be interested? I thought not! :)

So yesterday I went to church and I got to sing with the choir for the first time. I just joined, so I was kind of excited. I sang for two services and went home in a super-fantastic mood... And noticed I had a message blinking on my answering machine. So I listened: "Hi Aimee, this is Dorothy and I was just wondering where you were because I have you scheduled to work from 10am-7pm today. Give me a call."


So I called and went in post haste of course, but I was bummed because it was the night of "Carols by Candlelight", a special thing at the church. I mentioned that I had plans, since I didn't realize I was supposed to be working, and my boss told me if it was slow, I could leave early! So I ended up working only 5 hours and went to the "Carols by Candlelight". It was awesome! They had things from handbells to orchestra, from solos to group, from trumpet to flute! It was really nice! And totally free!

So on Friday I will be performing with the choir for a Christmas special... I'm looking forward to it, but I have to memorize around 10 songs, since they won't be using their music of course. But I'm up for the challenge, and looking forward to it!

So that's the update for now. :)