Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's Your Birthday!!!



Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Official!

Welcome to my new home!!!!!

Of course, I still have to give my 30 days notice here at these apartments, but I'm doing that today. And I'm only working until noon today, then going down to my wonderful little cabin in the woods to measure stuff. I need to figure out where the couch will fit, etc. I was so excited yesterday when I found out, I didn't even mind so much when I found out my Fourth of July solo had been cut.

I have my measuring device and notes... I'm ready!!

On another note... My cats have been getting me up at 5:30am lately. I really don't know what is WRONG with them. They just start jumping up and down from and to the bed and headboard, they meow, etc. I woke up yesterday with Grace's "yarn-baby" next to me, and this morning I found one of her little mice. *sigh* And it seems Buddy does something annoying until I smack him (lightly, but enough to let him know), and then he flops over and starts purring, like, "Oh! You're awake! Pet me!" Here's a "nice" morning view:

I say nice because it's better than the other view they like to show me. It's now just after 6am and I've notice they are nowhere in sight. They've gone back to bed.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

More on the new place

So here's an update. I talked to the owner last Saturday. I had heard a "scittering" upstairs when I was looking around and assumed it was a mouse. I told her that my cats would just love to catch a real mouse, although I think Buddy would just want to play with it and Grace would snap it's head right off. She was concerned about the mice and check it out. It wasn't mice. It was bats.

So they went through the appropriate steps to get rid of them and have the place inspected because of the Toxic Bat Guano (said in an echoing special effects voice). But she knew they would have siding pulled off, insulation pulled out, etc. The Fourth of July is coming up, they have guests coming up, her husband's birthday is coming up... So I wasn't sure how quickly it would get done, or if I were even the person they were going with to rent it. Of course, the more I have to wait, the more I want it. I do have to give 30 days notice here, ya know! Tell me, tell me!!

I got a call last night and it was the owner. Since I was in school until almost 9pm, she left a message asking for me to call her tomorrow (today). I guess they just need to replace some drywall, paint, and it's done! Also, her husband wants to meet me sometime this week. Yay!

So I have her cell number.... It's 6:10am... is it too early to call? Hehehe... Oh, and my mom is so excited for me, she's been picking things up at garage sales and whatnot. She got me a vanity table, a gliding-rocking chair,... AND AN AXE!!! I'm more excited about the axe than anything else!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A New Home?

So I went to see a lady about a rental. It's about 20 minutes out of town, so it's on the remote side... but it's very quiet and peaceful! Just be advised: the owner was in the process of cleaning, so some of the pictures are just that. Also, they've had it empty for a year or so, just taking a break from renters and using the downstairs space outside.

There's a shop downstairs. It's filled with wood right now, but they're clearing it out. You can't tell, but it's got a concrete floor. When it's clean, I'll take a picture of it.

The stairs going up to the cabin look a little scary, but they're sturdy.

My view from the porch upstairs. There are two extremely small streams down below, but it's more like run-off than a stream right now. I think in the winter I may be able to actually see water and possibly hear it too. They are going to clear out some of the brush there too.

The porch.

More of the porch. I like that they use sticks for railings. Before I got there, the owner told me it was rustic... She wasn't joking!

Inside, looking toward the "living room"... with the stairs on the right going up to the loft.

The kitchen. I might just put the little table out on my porch for morning coffee and stuff.

From inside, looking back toward the door.

More of the kitchen. The owner washed the curtains that go in front of the kitchen sink underneath - she hung the curtains and it looked soooo much better.

The bathroom, door closed. It's frosted glass, not metal. It's just hard to tell in the picture. The wood stove is in the foreground.

The bathroom, door open. The shower stall is just to the right. Not much to see there. It took me a while to realize there's not a single mirror in the whole place.

Under the stairs, a little space for storage, next to the water heater.

Up in the loft, a closet. It has a dowell for hanging stuff and a shelf. I'll put a curtain in front of it.

Up in the loft - it has a lot of lighting, which I love. Also, it's difficult to tell from the pictures, but it's pretty roomy up there. The ceilings are pretty tall.

Looking down into the kitchen.

Looking back toward the stairs in the loft.

VERY steep loft stairs. A co-worker told me I had better be awake when I go down them... I joked that I may have to put my coffee maker upstairs.

Cute and old stove. Thank goodness I'm not much of a cook!

A canned goods cupboard.

A view of the living room with a little table in the foreground. I'm standing in the kitchen.

My view down to the main the road. The driveway up to the cabin is gated and gravel, so if somebody is coming in, I'll know. The only other people on the gravel road are the owners who live a half a mile up.

I'm really excited. I told the owner I would think about it so I wasn't being rash, and call. I'm going to call tomorrow so she can start working on my references and stuff. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!

But what do you think? I want to go back and take more pictures, but I won't. I will try to be patient. I want to move NOW. I need to go pack!

Oh, here are the bad points:
1. It's kind of far.
2. I'll have to go to town to dump garbage and do laundry.
3. Since it's way "out", in the winter there are occassions of possible electricity loss or water freezing. But I'll have the wood stove for heat and stuff.

Okay, that's it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Grades!

I just got my final grades!!!

I'm so happy!!!!!

Forensic Chemistry: B

Math 111: B

Physics: A

I can't believe I got a B in math!!!! Woooooooo-hoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Socks By Rayleen

So Rayleen made me some socks! She was concerned that they wouldn't fit, so I thought I would prove that they do:

Stripes are only for the brave, by the way.

And together!

Ah, they meet! They love! They warm my feet!

I am very impressed by her knitting skills and am not the only one. I picked up my mail on the way to work, so had them at the office. I showed my co-workers and they were VERY impressed too! And now that I'm home, I know they are comfy to boot! hehehe... to boot... get it?... hahahaha...

The Day Spa

I finished the term finally (and I might have even passed all of my classes!), so after selling my books back I decided to get a massage. I'm not real big on going to some stranger's house to save $10 - it's just creepy - so I paid a little more to go to a day spa. The waiting area was even relaxing!

There was a nice frosted glass privacy screen to separate me from the rest of the world.

They gave me a glass of cold water while I waited... I was a little early. The person you see in the background is giving somebody a pedicure. It costs around $70, which is insane, but it takes an hour! What do they do???

I really liked the candle thing - it was simple, yet very nice.

I wondered if that was the room I would be going into... It looks so relaxing!

I also liked this sign very much - not really the design or anything, but the fact that they included a lot. I turned my phone off right away.

The massage was awesome. I left an hour later, feeling wonderful. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the bathroom - it was BEAUTIFUL!!! It also had a shower in it that guests can use if they like. Everything had very low lighting too, so it wouldn't disturb my relaxed eyes. There was a robe in my massage room, but I didn't feel the need to shower.

The next day, I went for a walk at the nearby shopping center. I saw this little water fountain.

I don't know if these pictures are going to come out as good as when I took them - I've re-sized them... But it has such great detail! The water droplets! I love it! I hope it turns out good... I love my camera.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I enjoy my camera. *sigh*

Buddy likes to drink running water from the sink. Since I have two sinks in the bathroom, I designated one of them as his...

Grace didn't like that. I had to let her use mine. Until then, however... she gave Buddy the wonderful Stink-Eye.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

These things are so addictive!

You Are Guinness

You know beer well, and you'll only drink the best beers in the world.
Watered down beers disgust you, as do the people who drink them.
When you drink, you tend to become a bit of a know it all - especially about subjects you don't know well.
But your friends tolerate your drunken ways, because you introduce them to the best beers around.

What Your Sleeping Position Says

You have a passion for everything - including sleeping.
Outgoing and brash, you tend to still shock those who know you well.
You tend to be selfish. You are the most likely type to hog the covers.
You gravitate toward comfort and don't like extreme situations.

You Are 16% Texas

Damn Yankee! You think the sun comes up just to hear you crow.

You Are a Christmas Sweater!

Over the top, colorful, and totally flashy.
You're not afraid to be a little tacky.

(I can't stop!!!)

You Are Impressionism

You think the world is quite beautiful, especially if you look at it in new and interesting ways.
You tend to focus on color and movement in art.
For you, seeing the big picture is much more important than recording every little detail.
You can find inspiration anywhere... especially from nature.


After seeing other people's kids (pets), I've decided I haven't posted pictures of Buddy or Grace in a while. Inspired, I told them there was to be a photo shoot of sorts. At first Grace was shy, sitting on her favorite (today) bag.

She quickly opened up though.

She wanted to make sure I got her good side.

Buddy went straight for the glamour shot.

"Can you see my muscles?"

Ah, such pretty kitties.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another post! Ha! So there!!

(I don't feel like typing much, so this will be short... but with pictures!)

I recently went to my mom's for Mother's Day.

I even surprised her at church, which was fun. This little, old church still rings the bell for church time! I was pleasantly surprised. The pastor, who is also the local high school football coach (and was way back when I was in high school) was great.

Rayleen and I got her a big fruit basket, which mom LOVED. It had kiwi, papaya, mangoes, pineapple, an Asian pear, regular pears, a variety of apples, some oranges and bananas that aren't in the picture. She got a balloon to top it off.

I was also around for the Rhododendron Festival and was able to see the "Traveling Wall" for Vietnam vets.

Somebody put roses out, it was nice.

And the Wall was a lot longer than I expected.