Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Arrrrg, matey!

You may have noticed my "weight loss ticker" change. Well. I have gained all the weight back and am starting anew. Many curses come to mind. But in honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day (Sept. 19th! Onlt 21 days!), I have changed the ticker to become more appropriate. Arrrrg!

I once again have water. My landlady must have filled up the tank because I have lots of water pressure, etc. It makes me happy. I also scouted out a possible new swimming location... hehehehehehe....

I ran many errands today in the Jolly Roger. Trash went to the dump, movies went to the store and food came home. It's good to be the Captain of my own ship.

Then tonight I sat out on my hammock-chair in the dark, listening to the frogs. There is a small (and I mean SMALL) stream of water just below my cabin. I'm looking forward to seeing how much it grows this winter. I listened to the frogs, crickets and finally the water itself. I heard moths fly by and could swear to hear lizards crawling through the tall grass, it was so quiet out there. Bats flew by, eating insects.

I have been wanting to leave my door open at night, but since living in the city for so long, it's hard. But tonight I just may. Today was a pretty warm day and even at a quarter after ten in the evening with the door open, it's warm in here. So I might just make sure the screen is latched and leave the door open tonight. It's hard to do even though I feel very safe.

I think I've been watching too many western movies and reading too many western books lately. I'm in the midst of reading "Lonesome Dove", one of my favorite books. I'm starting to think like a western novel. I'm afraid I'll start talking like it next.

Well, time for some shut-eye. I best be gitt'n in t'bed....

Yarrrr!!! It's almost the same as Pirate talk, just a different accent! I'm doomed!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My landlady called me today to let me know they're going to be gone for a few days. She was going to have the mail held until they got back since he runs his business from his home and they get a lot of mail, but it's the same address I get my mail from, so I told her I don't mind picking it up.

While we were talking, I told her about my over-oxygenated water (it's cloudy but quickly clears up - just too much oxygen in the water) and how it's still sputtering quite a bit with air. I asked her if it was a normal thing and she didn't seem to think so. She was especially concerned when I told her it "freaks out the toilet sometimes". She's going to be sure to tell her husband so he can look into it... after they get back. But it looks like she's going to fill the tank before they leave on Thursday! Woo-hoo! This does mean I may run short next time, but maybe he'll look at it and find a leak somewhere. Who knows. I'm excited though. I'm sure you know who will be taking a real shower soon! And not in a waterfall!

Monday, August 27, 2007

My life just got more interesting.

I realize my life is... not exciting. It used to be, don't get me wrong! I've jumped from an airplane, been to other countries, sailed the seas, etc. But lately I've been in a rut. You know, taking pictures of flowers, my cats... my cats... and maybe the thing I knit once a year. Oh, and places I move to of course.

But that has all changed.

As soon as I moved up to the "cabin", things have gotten more... interesting. And I've decided to blog it. Yes, I am going to share the things that should embarrass me! Possibly things that you don't want to know! So be prepared, both of you people who read this!

Let me just open with my latest dilemma/adventure: I knew when I moved up here about the water issue. In my rental contract it states that the landlord will fill up my water tank on the 1st and the 15th of every month. They get water from a well and fill my water tank from that. This used to be a barn before they converted it into a cabin, so it's probably a small tank. But I figured two people lived here before me, so there shouldn't be a problem with just me.

Well. In the first two weeks, I ran out of water about three or four days before the 15th, and I moved in on the 3rd of the month. I thought, oh - I need to conserve more. No biggie.

This is where it's going to start getting interesting by the way.

When I ran out of water on the 11th or whatever, I took a sponge bath. I couldn't really figure out how to wash my hair, but I got the "important" stuff and my hair is short and not greasy... Then I got a great idea on the 14th and decided since it's summer, I'm going swimming! I took a sample shampoo-thing with me. It took me a while to find a swimming area (appx. 10 miles away), but it was just what I needed, and I got to wash my hair... and whatever.

This past week, I've been very careful. I "ration" my flushes (yes, I flush #2 no matter what) and I brush my teeth with a glass of water. But I've used water for cooking, dishes and sometimes coffee. Today I noticed a serious decrease in water pressure. I know what that means. But I haven't had a shower for a couple of days! Okay, three days. I WANT A FLIPPIN' SHOWER. This is what I get for shaving last time...

I thought about trying it anyway, but you have to turn on the water and give it a minute to get to the hot water and I was afraid I would use everything up. So I got crafty! I took a gallon (maybe a little more) of water that I got from the store - the kind you fill up yourself for 35 cents a gallon - and nuked some while more boiled on the oven. I took it all into the shower with a large bowl and a pitcher. Oh yeah, I washed my hair AND other stuff! I am CLEAN!

What I want to know is this: How did two people do this???

I'll blog more about this kind of stuff. Don't be surprised.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Captain's Log - Day 5 in the cabin

As much as I would like to post a picture, it's just a freakin' miracle that I'm posting at all! I can't remember if I've posted this already, but the cats are getting along better now... Now I'll have to check my last post (oh, there are so many!) to see what I've already written.

School is getting crazy. I have my chemistry and biology final exams next Wednesday and my writing class is insane. I have to much to do in for writing... I'm behind and it's insane to try to catch up.

It's wonderfully quiet here. I heard an animal this morning, but I'm not sure what kind. It sounded like a kitten, but louder... I think it was trying to lure me into the woods. hehe.

My sister is coming up to Oregon - finally! I'm pretty excited. I hope her and Apollo don't mind the cabin. It's pretty small and there's not much for privacy if there are more than one people inside.

My cats are visously attacking the windows - there are moths on the other side, beating against the glass, trying to get to the light. If they only knew what awaited them. I wouldn't have to feed the cats...

Okay. I'm tired and I have to get up early for work! Garrrr!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Captain's Log - Day 3 in the cabin

Let me tell you about my day yesterday.

I moved in on Saturday, which was interesting as it turned out to be just me, my mom and my uncle. I was pretty worried about the couch since it has two recliners in it and is very heavy, and we have to go up some steep stairs... But we made it! Moving took almost the whole day (or so it seemed), but I was just happy in the end that everything made it up here and nobody got hurt. (Of course, I was in pain the next day, but that's totally acceptable.)

Sunday I relaxed, unpacked about 70% of the boxes and hung my hammock-chair out on the porch. Let me tell you that it's one of the best things - EVER. I went to bed, exhausted. Buddy and Grace were still fighting, Grace not letting Buddy anywhere near the bed or her. She would sound the alarm if he were even in the loft at night, poor Buddy!

Monday. Yesterday. I get up to find my stove doesn't work, I had no hot water, my phone still wasn't connected and Grace threw up on me. I actually took a sponge bath by heating water in the microwave and putting it in a large bowl. I was literally having flashbacks from when I grew up on the ranch! *shudder*

I ended up skipping one of my classes (late night class)to come home and veg, and the landlords stopped by to flip the breaker for the stove and turn on the water heater. They had turned off the water heater when they flushed the system and forgot to turn it back on. My phone was hooked up in the morning while I was at school and I was able to go online finally (yes, I still have dial-up dang it!) last night. Whew!

Anyway, things are peaceful out here and beautiful. My landlords are some of the nicest people I've met and very willing to help me or do things to make sure I'm happy. The lady landlord left me wildflowers in a jar for when I moved up, it was so sweet!

And the cats are loving it. Yesterday some time, Grace and Buddy made their peace and Buddy slept on the bed with Grace and I last night. He was rolling around purring, he was so happy! They're off playing hide-and-seek right now, little monkeys. They've figured out how to walk around half of the place without even touching the ground, but with sills and ledges like this...

It's easy to see how they could!

I have to go to work now!