Friday, January 19, 2007

I could have gone to the Super Bowl

Yes, it's true. I could have gone to the Super Bowl. I was offered a ticket. Free. In fact, I'm sure the offer still stands. But the conditions... a crusty 60-year old fella who wanted to make sure I was "unattached". Ew. I just couldn't do it. No hesitation at all. I love football, but there's got to be a better way! Some day, after I get my degree and get a wonderful, good paying job, I'll pay my own stinkin' way!

Work has been okay lately. The nasty guys have been calmer - I think they gave up trying to "break me in", or whatever. I'm scheduled really late tonight, Saturday and Sunday - again - but I wrote my hour requests on a big neon paper for the manager to see. Everybody says she probably forgot and I need to remind her a lot. No, that's not my job, I'm sorry. Does she remind me to take orders or to clean tables? Nope. Because that's my job. I just expect her to do hers.

I'm sure I had more to write about... I just can't remember what...

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Me said...

Your expectations are way too high, honey. I think it's about time you learn my motto and start living by it:

"Expect nothing. This way you're never disappointed."