Monday, January 22, 2007

Warning: a little bragging ahead

I have to post quick since I have an hour to do my homework and get to bed. I've had a hard time catching up on sleep and doing homework lately, so this morning I was in a crunch. I wrote two essay reviews, finished writing my speech and dashed out the door. I had intended on getting up at 6:30 a.m. but accidentally set my alarm for 7:30 a.m. Of course, that wasn't enough time for what I had prepared to do. But I did my best and sped off to school.
In my first class (English Comp 121), I gave the two peers their reviews and received mine... I haven't actually read mine yet, I've been on the go all day. Then the teacher came up to me with a very serious face. I figured I was in trouble somehow. But she told me that she really liked my essay and wanted my permission to read it aloud to the class! Wow! So that made me feel pretty good and improved my day by a lot.
My next class was Speech 111. The teacher there is extremely liberal and extremely annoying. I heard people coming up to her asking if they could do their speech on Wednesday instead of today because they weren't ready. She said yes... but then she saw me frantically writing my required note cards. She got really annoyed with everybody and said, "If this is the way this class is going to be, I'm going to be very disappointed." Well, she had a point.
We had two people opt to go first and the rest of us drew numbers. I'm horrible with drawing numbers because I always draw low numbers. Sure enough, I drew a "2". I was going after the first two. I have to say, however, that for not having much preparation I think I did pretty darn good! The teacher looked interested and I think other people did too. I made good eye contact, and used gestures. Everybody filled out peer review slips, so I'll find out how I did on Wednesday.
For my next class, and most difficult (Math 095), I had homework due, but I could turn it in to the room where they did tutoring and stuff. So right after the math class, I went there and luckily it only took me an hour to do my homework. I turned it in and went home feeling victorious!
Okay, time to hit the geology and math books. I need to get caught up again so I'm not behind. Being behind happens fast and it's too hard to catch up. They dock a lot for late papers!
For the most part though, I think I'm doing okay in school... so far.

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Yaya said...

Drawing numbers huh? That's interesting. Maybe I will make my students suffer using the same method. Hhehehehe