Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Making up for lost blogs

I'm obviously trying to catch up by posting numerous times in one day...

This is a warning to guys: This segment is going to be filled with girlie information that you might not want to know. You've been warned.

Last night I was brushing my teeth, getting ready for bed and I looked in the mirror and saw my hair parted down the middle and thought, "It's my mom's hair." (No offense Mom... but you wouldn't want Grandma's hair, would you???) So I rinsed my mouth, wet my hair, grabbed the scissors and cut bangs. Not even straight. Slanted bangs. And I like them. Ahhhhhh.

Now for the really girlie stuff. It's that time of year and I have insurance, so I made an appointment for *shudder* THE PAP. But, being the freak that I am, I decided to give the doctor a little chuckle. So I drew this on the bottom of one foot:

As drawing is not my forte, I will tell you that it's a bunny.

Then on the other foot, I wrote this (I think it's legible enough):

Yes, the doc got a chuckle from it and told me he would remember it and that I had to do something to top it next year.... Hmmmmm....

I found my camera

So just in time before I hit the road again, I found my camera. Let's take a look at another hotel I stayed at, shall we?

This was in a little town called Kerby, Oregon. It's between Cave Junction and Selma, where we were working at both locations.

It was actually a really cute place... My co-worker's room even had a kitchenette in it! However, I couldn't find the light in the bathroom to save my life... That is, until the morning when I was leaving. The light switch was in the main room, just outside the bathroom. Of course. Perfect sense.

And the television set and stand were classic. I'm almost tempted to get this set-up for my own place...

And just in case you missed that glorious wallpaper in the first picture, here's a close-up because words fail me. (I really did like this place though...)

Ooh-ooh!!! I almost forgot!!!...

My BF's birthday is on International Talk Like A Pirate Day!!!! How cool is that?!?

And coming soon, the long awaited list of "good words" and "bad words". No, not like four-letter words or whatever, but words that I like or dislike. For example, I can't stand the word "coif". What a horrible word. It's on the bad list of course!! But the word "brigadoon" is a great word! I've been compiling the list for a little while now. I can't wait to see them all together!!!! (I'm such a nerd.)


I would waste time apologizing about not posting and excuses and blah, blah, blah... but who's really interested in that? Nobody!

However. I will finally divulge a little information about myself that not too many people know yet... Then again, not too many people read this!! (Yes, it's a lack of friends, thanks for rubbing it in.)

Are you ready for this??? (Okay, I realize the only people that read this blog are the people that already know this tidbit of information, but I'm posting it anyway dang it!)

I got a boyfriend! I'm not sure how I tricked him, but I'll have to make note of it when I figure it out! He's really sweet. Not too sweet, but just really good to me. But he doesn't take any crap from me either - I gave him the stink-eye once and he didn't like it... He told me. Duly noted.

He does nice things for me though. On his way to my place, he stopped at a yard sale and got me a clothes dryer and a lawn mower for $5!!! And they work!!! I just had to get a new blade for the mower! He even put gas in it for me! And he bought me an electric weedeater! Hey... I sense a pattern here...

Anyway, since he's my first boyfriend in forever, I thought I should make a special post about it. Yay for me!! Oh, and I took him to the family get-together and he did great. He was talkative and everybody loved him. I'm so proud.