Monday, January 01, 2007

Fighting cats

I think I have tricked the cats! It's harder than you think, by the way. They started out the new year in a fight. A friend, Joel, brought over some clothes and I took them upstairs. My cats started sniffing them and I'm sure they smelled Joel's cats. Suddenly the fight was on! I don't know if they thought the strange smell was each other or what, but it was go time.

I went to work and came back... and they're still fighting. I went to bed and woke up (with my cold in blossom) and they're slinking around the house, trying to avoid the other. So I let Grace into the garage and went to find Buddy who was sleeping in a dark corner. I talked him into coming downstairs so he could eat and drink. We could hear Grace scratching at the door right next to the food bowls.

When Buddy finished, he was very intrigued at the scratching door and wanted to go out. So I opened the door (by then Grace was REALLY wanting to come in) and she came in and he went out... without hissing or attacking!!! I stood just outside the door, acting like I was going out too, and Grace went back out. I came in and shut the door, leaving them both out there. So far it's quiet. I feel so smart. Maybe this is why I have cats.

Oh - by the way... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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