Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm Sick

It's quite possible that I'm dying.

My nose is stuffed, my throat hurts and my voice sounds funny. My skin hurts. I worked out the other day so I'm inclined to think that some of the body pain is from that, but not much of it. I'm just achy. I don't work until 7 p.m. tonight, so I will have plenty of time to sleep I think. I caught up on quite a bit of sleep yesterday. Yay!

Okay, I've whined enough. For now.

There are about a hundred birds sitting outside in my back yard. They seem to be finding seeds or some sort of food. I wonder if the neighbors on the other side of the fence threw something over. Buddy and Grace are in stealth mode even though there's no way to get to them. They talked to the birds, I'm sure threatening them. Whatever they said must have worked because the birds flew off together. Oh, my little lion-cats. At least they're not fighting anymore.

I keep forgetting to post this picture:

It was on the side of a log truck where the fire extinguisher goes. If you can't quite make it out, it says, "Fire Putter Outer". Hehe.


I have heard the battle cry and answered in kind.

This is my arsenal. I tried the Halls Max because I don't like the taste of Sucrets. I thought they might taste different and they have a different pain killer in them. But when I popped one in my mouth, I realized with glee and wonderment that even though it still tasted kind of bad, I didn't care because my throat felt better! I think I have everything. Pseudoephedrine (bought before it went to prescription), night-time stuff, throat spray, lozenges, expectorant, cough suppressant, ibuprofen - the whole shebang. I didn't get any nose spray because I'm afraid of it. I know it will work really well. But I'm still not messing around! I already feel better. Take that, cold virus!


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