Thursday, February 01, 2007

Math and Taxes

I had my first two exams. I've had quizzes, but no exams until now. The math test made me cry. Okay, so I was overly emotional about it. I can't help that now! I am pretty sure I failed it and will have to take it again. That bites. But I guess it's better than not having the option to retake the test. The geology test was fine, I smoked it. I knew what they wanted to hear, even if I don't agree with a lot of it. Some of their theories are just plain silly. Who has ever heard of rocks hitting more rocks and making bigger rocks? Usually when rocks bang against each other, it makes many more smaller ones. They think that's how the Earth was formed. But then a meteor crashed into the earth and broke some of it off, creating a perfectly round moon. Which has different "dirt". Okay. So why didn't it just make the Earth bigger??? Silly scientists.

Now hold on to your hats... I got my final W-2 yesterday and filed my taxes - YESTERDAY! I'm done! I'm the one who usually files on April 14th, at 11:30 p.m.! I'm so proud. However, when I was on unemployment I asked for taxes to be deducted from my checks. They took out state taxes (of course), but nothing from federal!!! It shrunk my return by $500!!! So I'm not getting much back and it really pissed me off. I wrote an email to the state employment office, but tried not to sound psycho. They probably get a lot of emails and calls around this time.

We got a new girl at work. She apparently tends bar and has for a while. But at this bowling alley, she's supposed to tend bar and wait tables as well. I think she cried. Her kid (who is 11 yrs. old) called her numerous times during her four hour shift and then came to the bowling alley. She told me she was going to have to evaluate her decision to work there because she's not used to people treating her like crap. I wonder where she worked before... And she got the nice group!!! My section had the raunchy guys who are obviously fond of me now. They are actually nice to me and take great joy in giving me school advice. Of course, they also tell me things about my "t*ts" and whatnot. * sigh * They're getting better though, I swear.

I got a new bible - The Message bible. I really like reading it. It's cool to read it in such a current type of language. It reads more like a book now.

Well, I'm wound down... it's time for bed. Have a good week... only a few more days until the Super Bowl!!!!

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