Saturday, February 24, 2007

Road Trip Pt. I

As is my custom, I don't post for a long time until people stop checking. Then I have lots of pictures to post.

I went the Newport last weekend, and then Eugene and Springfield this weekend... which one should I post first? Well, the coast ones have waited this long, I suppose they'll wait a little longer.

When I went to Newport, I forgot any sort of camera and ended up buying a couple of disposables. I had intended on going to the Undersea Gardens, but it was closed... I'll save the stories for later. The point being that I had to get the film developed on "paper" (gasp! they still have that?), then scan each picture into my computer. So if you see a fat finger, I have an apparent problem with my fingers and disposable cameras... and the quality isn't really fantastic.

Anyway, on my way to Eugene, I went through Coburg:

It was actually a really cute place. I wish I would have taken pictures.... Imagine my shock and dismay when I found out it's an incredibly expensive place to live! I did find one little, tiny shack of a house for rent. It turned out to be $650 a month!

Continuing my way to Eugene, I saw this building:

Believe it or not, this is a CHURCH on the outskirts of Eugene! I was shocked! I thought it was a hotel of some sort at first! Huge!!!

Springfield. Hey Rayleen, I was trying to tell you a while back about a post office that I remembered going to when we were little... it was old and outdated... well, here it is:

And remember how we were talking about the preschool I went to? Where I wrote my name backwards and mom got really mad at the teacher because "What are you teaching her here?!?"? It's across from the post office!!!:

And now for some pictures I think you (Rayleen) will appreciate a little more...
I know this one isn't as good as I would have liked, but the cop that was following me was making me nervous. I wasn't doing anything wrong of course, but I didn't want to get a ticket for turning on my blinker too close to the turn or something really dumb. I'm sure the cop thought I was up to no good. Oh, the place we lived in is to the right, the little one. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the side.

And our school:

The really scary church that we used to run by... now it's pretty!

Then later:

I'm pretty sure that fence wasn't there when we were there...

I drove by this on accident and had to snap a quick picture... to the dismay of the people driving behind me, I'm sure.

Whew... enough, enough!!!

Next time: Aimee goes to the coast!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


This is one very good example of stupid crap at college:

In case it's too blurry to read, that says "Watch Al Gore Punch Global Warming In The Face".


On a brighter note, I seem to be doing okay with grades and whatnot. I got a 95% on my essay in writing, an 82% on my math exam and a 96% on my geology exam. Speech is a little less formal, but I did okay on my last speech, so I think I'm okay. For math, we'll have to do a proficiency test soon and you have to get a 95% to pass. It better be really easy! There seems to be a lot less stress on this test though - the teacher said we could take it multiple times until we pass. We just need to pass it to pass the class. Unfortunately, they're using formulas and stuff from the last math class which I was not in. Garrrr!!!!

Work is the same. I can't remember if I blogged this, but we got a new girl... I'm 98% sure she cried on her second day. That's the day she wasn't a bartender, but she was a waitress like me. She didn't like how the guys treated her. And she got the nice group!!!!!

Oh, and one of my co-workers got mad at me. He bowls in a league and they apparently have to keep papers on their scores and stuff. Well, the league was done and they were mostly gone so I was cleaning up the tables of course. I threw away their scores. Oops. He found me after a while and was talking loudly about the stupid paper. I said, "Okay, it was probably me... let me just think which garbage I threw it in." He said, "I need that score sheet like, right this minute!" Well! If you're going to sweet-talk me, I might get a crush on you! Jerk. I found the score card and it only had a little coffee and a spot of chili sauce on it. Hehe.

I guess it's time to go to school. You know, there's such a huge difference from when I was in high school and then that one year of college those many years ago. I actually care about my grades enough to do homework and stress over tests and stuff. And it's possibly paying off! But I do understand why so many people live with their parents when they do this. Not paying rent would be bliss.

Totally off the subject... don't you all think Rayleen should move up to Oregon? Hehehehehehe!!!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I'm so annoyed. No, I'm beyond annoyed. I will tell you why so you can be amazed, shocked and possibly angry like me. Oh yes, I will share my anger.

It all starts with two weeks ago. I asked for tomorrow (Super Bowl Sunday) off (obviously two weeks in advance), and was rewarded with working 6 days this week, one of them being Sunday. I was moderately annoyed since I asked for it off (in writing) and nobody talked to me about it, explained anything - nada. So I decided to call in sick. I'm only scheduled to work for 3 1/2 hours, I think they can live without me. And I'll call in the morning and give plenty of notice.

Fast forward to today. The other waitress (I came in at 7 p.m., she came in at 8 p.m.) "wasn't feeling good" and asked if she could go home early. She was scheduled to close, I'm scheduled until midnight. The supervisor said, "Let's see how things go..." At about 10 or 15 minutes before midnight, I asked this other waitress if she'd like to take a break before I left. She said yes. I saw her waiting a few more tables and finally she was gone. For a long, long time.

About a half an hour later, the supervisor comes up to me, visibly pissed. She informs me that the other waitress went home. Without telling anybody. She put her tray down somewhere, gave her "register" to one of the maintenance guys and told them to give it to the supervisor, and walked out the door.

Now here's the really crazy part: She's done it before. She just leaves. Without telling anybody. Just goes home.

What. The. Crap.

I ended up staying until 2:30 a.m. because the bartender was totally overwhelmed. I think I lost money because of people who bought drinks, (I pay the bartender, then when I take the drink to the customer, they pay me), but it took so long to get the drink out to them, they left...

One of the reasons I only work until midnight on Saturdays is because I go to church the next morning. And it took me a long time for them to start changing the schedule so I could have that! Persistence! So I won't be going to church tomorrow morning since it's just after 3 a.m. and I would have to get up at 8 a.m. I'm going to sleep!

At least I'll get to watch the Super Bowl with my neighbors and have fun! I don't feel bad for calling in sick. I'm sure they'll call somebody in if they need to. Maybe that other waitress.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Math and Taxes

I had my first two exams. I've had quizzes, but no exams until now. The math test made me cry. Okay, so I was overly emotional about it. I can't help that now! I am pretty sure I failed it and will have to take it again. That bites. But I guess it's better than not having the option to retake the test. The geology test was fine, I smoked it. I knew what they wanted to hear, even if I don't agree with a lot of it. Some of their theories are just plain silly. Who has ever heard of rocks hitting more rocks and making bigger rocks? Usually when rocks bang against each other, it makes many more smaller ones. They think that's how the Earth was formed. But then a meteor crashed into the earth and broke some of it off, creating a perfectly round moon. Which has different "dirt". Okay. So why didn't it just make the Earth bigger??? Silly scientists.

Now hold on to your hats... I got my final W-2 yesterday and filed my taxes - YESTERDAY! I'm done! I'm the one who usually files on April 14th, at 11:30 p.m.! I'm so proud. However, when I was on unemployment I asked for taxes to be deducted from my checks. They took out state taxes (of course), but nothing from federal!!! It shrunk my return by $500!!! So I'm not getting much back and it really pissed me off. I wrote an email to the state employment office, but tried not to sound psycho. They probably get a lot of emails and calls around this time.

We got a new girl at work. She apparently tends bar and has for a while. But at this bowling alley, she's supposed to tend bar and wait tables as well. I think she cried. Her kid (who is 11 yrs. old) called her numerous times during her four hour shift and then came to the bowling alley. She told me she was going to have to evaluate her decision to work there because she's not used to people treating her like crap. I wonder where she worked before... And she got the nice group!!! My section had the raunchy guys who are obviously fond of me now. They are actually nice to me and take great joy in giving me school advice. Of course, they also tell me things about my "t*ts" and whatnot. * sigh * They're getting better though, I swear.

I got a new bible - The Message bible. I really like reading it. It's cool to read it in such a current type of language. It reads more like a book now.

Well, I'm wound down... it's time for bed. Have a good week... only a few more days until the Super Bowl!!!!