Friday, January 05, 2007

I couldn't wait.

I just couldn't do it. I couldn't wait any longer. Once I get something in my head (like Taco Bell), I have to get it or whatever. I'm just not that good at being patient or something. So after some deliberation (and obsessing with my Sis), I decided to find a place to get my hair cut. Today.

I went through the phone book, but that doesn't tell you much. I found a place that I knew where it was, so I went there. They have a lot of things you can get done there including tanning. The lady that came to my assistance needs to admit she's a tan-aholic. Her leathery skin was literally sagging from her skinny body. She looks like she's probably around 60 years old or so, but I wonder... When I went in, she offered to set me up with Connie at 2:00 p.m. and asked if I wanted to come back. I wondered where I could go for only 15 minutes, but said sure. I scanned the room quickly and saw Connie in the background, I'm guessing around 50 years old. The Leather Lady was setting an old ladies hair with tiny rollers. I could guess how it was going to turn out.

I stepped out their front door and back into this century. Thank goodness! I had 15 minutes to find a new place, or I wouldn't know where else to go! I drove downtown and couldn't find anything. I thought I saw a salon, but it turned out to be a bead store or something. My 15 minutes ticked down quickly. I thought to myself that it wasn't a tricky style, and they should be able to do it with so many years of experience... hehe?

I finally had to head back, not knowing where else to look. Wouldn't this be better than StuporCuts? About a half mile or a mile before I got there, I saw a salon on my left! I cut across three lanes of one-way traffic and turned around, went across a few parking lots and screeched into a space.

When I went in, the lady that helped me had short, spunky and very curly hair. She was dressed hip and she looked fun. I asked if they had any openings and she asked if now was good for me. I said that it was PERFECT and sat in the chair. We discussed the three styles I brought with my in pictures and decided on one.

Sorry about the flash, but it's hard to take a picture of myself by myself! Also, it's still a little damp because I took a shower to get rid of clipping and hairspray. Why do hairstylists love hairspray so much? Oh, Buddy wanted to know what the hubbub was all about.

One really cool thing that I like is that the curl toward the bottom is natural! I put a little stuff in it to keep it from getting frizzy, but it's natural! Yay! I didn't even use a flat iron on any part! Ahhhhh, an easy do! It's not exactly like the picture, but my hair texture and whatnot is different and I expected that. I was actually a little relieved when it was finished.

New year, new school, new job, new hair. Now I just need a new guy! :D


Me said...

Wait, did you say 3 lanes of traffic? They have 3 lanes??

Me said...

On a side note, Buddy looks so huge, he looks like he could take you down with one swipe of the paw!

Daisy Ditzy Do said...

The new cut looks great! And YEA for the low maintenance cuteness!

aimee said...

Laura, thanks! Dontcha just love low maintenance? :)

Rayleen, I know... It's hard to believe, but there's a couple of one-way areas that have three lanes here! Shocking!

And Buddy is huge. He's nearly 20 lbs. now... and talks back all the time.

MOM said...

Aimee, I love the new hair cut, its really cute on you. You look alot thinner, like you've lost weight. I think you're going to like it as it will be easier to take care of, its so cute!!

Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

I like the cut! Do you have a timer for your camera?

aimee said...

Thanks Mom! :) I think I lost a whole three pounds... grrr.

Faythe, thanks - I do have a timer and I used it. I tried it with and without. I just couldn't seem to get a close picture without looking orange or flashed out. Oh well. :)

Jo said...

Hair looks great chickie!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!

aimee said...

thanks joel, good to see you back online!