Sunday, December 31, 2006

No! Not a cold!

Well. For the first time in what seems like a very long time (two years?), I fear I'm getting a cold. My throat hurts and my nose is continually running. I took some vitamin C thing that is supposed to help you NOT get a cold, or perhaps get over one faster. I think this cold is partially due to all the smoke in the bar, plus the myriads of people that I have to serve - some coughing and whatnot.

A cold.


I'm very unhappy about this.

On a nicer note, I went to Goodwill today and got some really groovy clothes. I got two shirts because I couldn't decide between the two of them, but the pants are jeans and suede - and it only cost me $3.49! And the legs are flared nicely. One shirt is psychedelic but tight. I think it shows a little too much fat and cleavage. The other shirt is slit all the way down the sleeves, with ties on the shoulders and just about the elbows to hold the fabric into a sleeve. It's really "flowy" looking. It's actually a very flattering cut for me, so I'll probably wear that one. The only thing I'm concerned about it that it shows my tattoos. I haven't done that at work yet because we're not supposed to. Of course, this is a special situation, but you know. Sometimes showing my tattoos is kind of like showing a part of myself and I don't want any of those people to know anything about me. But the shirt does look good...

I'm going to use the flat iron on my hair, but flip up the ends and feather the bangs. I think I'll even part it right down the middle - usually I part just off to the side. I'm also going to wear my fake eyelashes because that's fun and pretty. Hehehe!!

I bought two different types of insoles for my work shoes. One was cheap and one expensive. I have one type in my left shoe and the other type in my right. I'll bring both to work with me and which ever one doesn't work very well is getting replaced!

Okay, I just took an antihistamine and a decongestant. I hope I won't feel much of my cold tonight. And I hope it goes away fast! Some guys who believed in eating only healthy things once told me that if I got a sore throat and was getting a cold, I should chew and eat two garlic cloves. I have chopped garlic in my refrigerator. I have been thinking about eating some... But then I'll smell like garlic! But what if it works? Wouldn't it be worth it? But what if it doesn't work? *sigh* Maybe I'll do it just in case, and wear perfume. Of course, most of those smokers probably can't smell it anyway. I was wearing a lotion that smelled like vanilla (cookies!) and a guy told me I smelled like coconut. Ah.

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Tytainya, Queen of the Fairies said...

I hate sore throats. I'd rather get gut punched.

I think that is why I am a compulsive handwasher. You seem to be very clean, too.

When I get a sore throat I find it helps to gargle with salt water. The only thing you can do when you get that *tickle* is ride it out and try to cut it off.