Saturday, December 30, 2006

Work continutes

New Year's Eve is coming soon... I'm a little afraid. I know it's going to be crazy. Last night I was in the bowling alley for a while and it was dead. I think it was family night or something - lots of kids and people drinking sodas. But, being a Friday night, I got put in the bar after a while and it really started picking up.

We have to mentally keep track of how much somebody has had to drink and watch them for signs of being overly intoxicated. You know, in all my time in the Navy, nobody ever cut my friends and I off. I don't think I've seen it done. Until last night. The guy was just being a jerk and got in another guy's face about something. He was a little scary and intimidating.

The bartender who said "no more" looks like he's 12 years old, but he stood his ground. Good for him! The guy's waitress was pretty unhappy about it. I think his whole party ended up leaving, so I'm sure that's why she was angry.

I served a group of Mexican guys who were really nice. I think I know why a lot of people up here shy away from anybody "foreign" looking, besides possible racial issues. I had at least three co-workers tell me, "They're really hard to understand. Did you take high school Spanish? Because they're hard to understand."

So they feel uncomfortable helping anybody who they don't think they can understand. Well, I had a hard time with a couple of words (especially in a loud bar - "sola" was actually soda), but we stumbled through it. And the guys had two designated drivers which was nice. One of them gave me a $10 tip! It's the most I've gotten at one time. I told them what I know in Spanish: Mi perro es gordo. My dog is fat. They laughed and pointed at each other, calling their friend their fat dog. Oh and I yelled, "Piso mojado!" too... "wet floor!". My Spanish.

There are some old men in there who get really drunk. I think that's a little sad. Drunkenness seems like it should be for the young... and then people grow out of it or something. I like it when they ask us to call them a cab though. One guy was there last night wearing a nice button shirt and tie. After a while, he was at BeerCon Level 4 though, dancing around and screaming because he was drinking Screaming Orgasms.

Oh, and there was karaoke last night. Do I really need to say anything about that? One of the bartenders sang "You Gotta Have Faith" (or is it just "Faith"?), but it's not the original version. It's a new (?) headbanger version where he sang a little and screamed the chorus "YOU GOTTA HAVE FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAITH!!!! SHUT THE F* UP!" Um, I've never heard that version. But it was interesting.

I work until 2 a.m. again tonight... I wonder if we'll have karaoke again.


rayleen said...

Oh no, not Karaoke! Karaoke has ruined more than one song for me. Or at least, it took several years for the agony to wear off!

Faythe said...

It's just Faith. And the version you heard was by Limp Bizkit (Fred Durst's band).

I know all about 80's and 90's pop songs with Faith in the lyrics--damn my high school and college friends!!

katrina said...

Gotta love Karaoke! There's a place in North Park called RedWing that I like to go. Really casual and they have a great selection of songs. They even have "So Far So Good" by Thornley. As some of you may know, Thornley is my obsession!Can't go to RedWing, sing Karaoke and Not sing "So Far So Good". Usually takes a couple glasses of red wine first though!