Friday, December 15, 2006


Well, I clicked on the Help button and went through the FAQs for questions about people not being able to comment on a Beta blog. Then I went through "Known Issues" and another link that I can't remember now. Finally, I had to contact them. I sent an email stating that nobody can comment with their login. It makes me sad! Oh, and I found out I have a Google account, or that's what they call it. I commented on my own blog using my new account info - when you switch to Beta, you use your email login and password. Interesting. I'm sure you don't have to, but I did. So that's how I log in now.
This might be my most boring post. Or, sadly, it might not! I'll keep you updated...

And since this is boring, here's a picture of the floor of a field.

While that was uploading, I got an email from the Blogger Team basically saying that if it's a bug, they'll work on it asap... And they gave me the links for FAQs and whatnot again. I'm not sure if this will be resolved or not... Is it a bug? Or is it something they've designed for some reason? *sigh*
I just want my friends and sister to be able to comment and pick a hairstyle for me!!!!!!! hehehe...


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, hairstyle. I'll post about it when I get home and can look at them again. I just want to get out of here!

But I did want to comment real quick about that's pretty cool looking. Nice texture!

Oh yeah, and I can't switch over to the new blogger yet. Apparently my blog is too big. WhateVERRRRRR!!!!!

rayleen said...

oops, that was me.


PS, I just LOVE your new blog design!! Now it seems complete! I'll have to work on mine now.

rayleen said...


OK i swear this is the last time, but look I got to sign in with Other now!! EEEE!! (again with the multiple exclaimation points. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!)