Friday, December 29, 2006

Beer Wench

I can't remember how much I've posted about this exactly, so here's a recap: I got a job at a bowling alley (night shifts so I can go to school) as a waitress and bartender. I'm being trained as a waitress first and I'll work into tending bar later. I've learned something very quickly: It's all about the tips. If I depended on my wages alone, I'd make less than if I stayed on unemployment!

My first day as a waitress went pretty much as expected. I think I did okay, but it was a little overwhelming just at first because it was strange to be the server instead of the one ordering things. I didn't get many tips my first night. But the second night I felt much more confident and was having fun. I am learning to do things the way I like to do them - my own groove. And it's working! I had a customer tell me that I was the best waitress they'd had there. I also received over three times the tips I got during the first night.

An interesting note: I had my hair down the second night. I think that helped with tips. I think the wonderful haircut is postponed for now. If it helps me get more tips, I'll keep the hair for a while! I'm also trying very hard to remember names and what they drink. It's a little difficult sometimes because some of the guys only bowl there once a week.

This weekend is New Year's Eve as you all know, so I'm really hoping for good tips and a fun time. Working there is a lot like being the hostess at a huge party. Everybody is happy to see me, especially when I have stuff on my tray or in my hands for them.

Now about the customers. A lot of them are really nice. Some are curious since I'm new, and yell out "Fresh Meat!" when I tell them that I am indeed, the new girl. I was warned by some of my neighbors that some guys will get very... forward. I figured I could handle that. After all, I was in the Navy! But even I was a bit surprised at the actions of a few of these bowlers. I had a group of three that I served (1 Bud, 2 Coors Light, bottles not pounders) who I had to be very careful when I was there. I keep my eyes on them and their hands. They offered me $30 for my undies. And they were serious! Ew! I told them I could buy new ones for that, which only made them try to have me see the deal in it. I also told them I could go get some underwear from one of the guys in the bar. They didn't think that was a good idea. Every time I went over to them, I had to be alert. Let's call this BeerCon Level 3.

BeerCon Levels (I just made it up... and am making up as I go along) only go up to Level 5, which is Hostile. In fact, here's the list (I was trying to make a cool picture in Paint, but it turned out so bad, I won't make you look at it):

BeerCon Level 1: Jolly, but a little wobbly. Still happy and friendly. Just bring a towel for spills.

BeerCon Level 2: Happy. Very happy. Spilled something, but it didn't get on their shoes, so nobody is angry. Bowling shoes are VERY important. Getting a bit on the too-friendly side and making bad jokes. Winking involved.

BeerCon Level 3: Obnoxious. Still happy, but they really don't care if other people are happy or not. As long as they are. Making bets and horrible jokes. Can be heard 3 lanes away - even in all the noise. Watch for straying hands, claiming to be accidental or on purpose.

BeerCon Level 4: Annoying and obnoxious. Sloppy. Grabby. Even their friends are embarrassed. If management sees them, there's a good chance they'll be cut off.

BeerCon Level 5: Very angry, irate, etc. They've been cut off or lost a game. Possibly got something on their shoes. Could get ugly.

Let's hope I never see Level 5... although I'm confident I'll see Level 4 on a semi-regular basis. People (other employees) have talked about how "fun" it is when somebody gets cut off. I'm not looking forward to that at all.

Well, because of my inability (and lack of patience), I have no pictures to go with this, sorry. It's really too bad I couldn't take pictures at work. I saw some young people making out at the bowling lane... I thought, "Is this really a place that's so romantic?"

Oh - another thing about working there. They've apparently hired a security guard for the parking lot due to break-ins and stolen things from vehicles. On my second day, somebody's car was stolen. Everybody was wondering where the security guard was. I haven't asked where the employees are supposed to park, but I can tell you that I'm parking closer and closer to the door. Yikes!


Faythe said...

Congratulations on getting the job! I can't wait to hear more stories about you working's going to be so interesting!

Anonymous said...

Show some cleavage. Titties = tips.


aimee said...

Thanks Faythe! I'll try to post regularly about anything interesting!

lol - Hi Ryan! We have to wear a polo shirt - no cleavage.