Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Books and Hair

In my haste to post (I'm really trying to be better at it... although I know I've promised before), there will be no pictures to go with this post. I know, it makes for a boring post. But I've got to do something!

I went to the bookstore at school (hehehe!) today and bought my books for this coming term. Only four classes and it was $250 for my books! One of the classes has new textbooks - no used ones at all. So we're either getting the newest education possible, or Geology is so interesting that everybody keeps their books. Hmmm... neither is very likely. Maybe there are field trips and the books get thrown around on the.. geology. Now I'm afraid to open the cellophane wrapping. It's so new! And of course, the book covers that I bought to protect my books, will only fit one of them... two if I'm lucky, since they are stretchy covers.

I'm actually looking at and finding out I could have gotten an $84 book for only $55... Now should I take my book back and buy the one on *sigh*

I'm also looking at new hairstyles. My life is about to become very hectic with school, work, church, etc., and I think I would really like to have an easy, no hassle hairstyle. Right now, I can put it in a little bun and get it out of the way, but I think I would like to have a fun hairstyle. I just got my hair cut in September, and it was very expensive. But still... My life is going to change drastically! So I bought a hair magazine and have scanned some pictures for you to look at with me. Maybe everybody (all three of us?) can put the styles to a vote! Ooh, this post will have pictures afterall!

I like this one, it's cute and sassy:

I like this, but I would have to straighten my hair for it... not too much work, but a little:

This is nice, but I would have to curl the sides. Ick. Cute, but too much work:

Sorry if some of the pictures are small, by the way... I hope you can see enough detail. This next one might be one of my favorites. It looks easy and fun. Hmm.

This is a little much for me... but I like it. It's not likely that I'll get this style though.

Grrr... this one is tiny... can you see it???

I kind of like the bangs on this... otherwise, it's just a normal bob (if you can see it):

I hope you can view this one. I'm not considering it, but I would LOVE to have this! It's just a little too... not right for this area... and of course, I'm not thin enough to pull it off. :)

And this last one is just for scare factor. I personally think her hair is standing up in protest. It wants a cookie. For the love of all that's good, give the girl a cookie!!! I can see her bones!!!

So out of the ones that are big enough to see, which ones do you guys like? And why?


Anonymous said...

Due to some sort of comment/blog issues, people weren't able to comment at first... However, this is what Faythe wrote in an email (Faythe, I hope you don't mind):

The first two pictures were my favorites, and the picture with the words 007 in it, the bob sort of haircut was my absolute favorite. I was thinking about something similiar to that for you when we were IMing.

aimee said...

My friend Marie said that she likes the 007 bob too. I had my hair kind of like that a while ago...

I like the first one because it's really cute. I like the second (007) because it would be easy to grow out.


katrina said...

I love the brunette one that really short, kinda spiky in the back and longer in the front. I've had something similar. It's fun and easy!

I also think that the first brunette one is VERY cute and would look REALLY good on you! I'd bet it's not as difficult to style as you'd imagine. The right product does wonders!

Are you gonna post the result, if and when you decide what to do with it?

katrina said...

Sorry for the double post Aimee, but I had to correct myself.

Although I think the first burnette style is good and would fit your face well, it's really the third pic that I think is very flattering and would look really cute on you. I bet with the right product, you could do it pretty easily!