Sunday, December 17, 2006

For Rayleen and Faythe

I recently went down to Brookings to visit a friend and on my way I decided to stop and take a couple of pictures. Rayleen and Faythe, these pictures are for you! I apologize to anybody else who might actually read my blog and find this totally boring.

Welcome to our school!

Aww, the anchor!

And of course, we spent some time here in the bandroom - you guys more than me... but I still remember that bandroom smell.

The shop. I wonder what they really did in there.

Is it lunch time?

Going to the lunch room... (There was recently a wind storm, so there's lots of branches and stuff strewn about.)

The elementary school!

This sign cracked me up - I hope you can read it!

Look! IT'S SALTY!!!

And the other teams rickety bleachers, out in the rain, wind or that one day of sun.

Unfortunatly, it looks like our school could use a little TLC.

I didn't blog much because there really wasn't much to say about it. It was mainly pictures for you to look at and shudder. Hehehehehehe.


rayleen said...

"High performance"


Faythe said...

I took shop one semester, so I can tell you exactly what went on in there. Lots of cutting wood and sweeping, that's what! Oh, and making sure that Rob (Remember Rob? The only retarded kid we had?) didn't cut himself when using the table saw. Not very exciting, but I was so proud when I finished my jewelry box.