Tuesday, July 19, 2005

*sigh* Albany Part 3 and other stuff

Well, the pharmacy manager called the other store today and found out they might have hired somebody... we'll find out more maybe tomorrow? So who knows?!?!?!?!


I went to my Mom's house for her annual family get-together. There were about 70 people there this year, a little less than before, but it was pretty hot and some people don't like the traveling and whatnot when it's hot. It was a good time - I think everybody was happy. There were lots of different foods to eat including elk burgers, smoked salmon rolls, black forest cake, chicken, salad, hot dogs, deviled eggs, and tons of birthday cake that my Mom bought for all the birthday people. :) I get full thinking about it!

I did get to do some chores while I was there, like mow lots of grass, catch snakes for Mom, feeding the horses the cut grass, etc. And of course I got bit by mosquitos. This is what it looks like when I get bit by them since I'm a little allergic (I don't know how clear the pic will be):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

No, I don't have several elbows, I just swell a little.

This is what I looked like by the time I got home, grabbed some Taco Bell (just to be hit on by the guy at the drive thru who called me "Cutie" and said I should take him four-wheelin'. I don't think so Scruffy McTaco.):
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And today, after my burn has fully bloomed... can you see where my seat belt was?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

But thankfully, it doesn't really hurt, it's just a little hot and sometimes itchy.
The drive was great and beautiful although I only took one picture that I'm going to post later...


rayleen said...

I like the messy look. :) It gives you more personality!

aimee said...

Thanks - I actually had to comb out tangles! My hair had been pulled back by a hairband to keep it out of my face, but it still blew around like crazy for 4 hours!