Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Diet is Off. For now.

Well, I ended up eating a very good low-carb cheese omelet with hot sauce (more on that later) and lite sour cream.
But looking in my refrigerator and freezer... well, I have some frozen dinners and bread and stuff that I have to eat before I move. I won't throw it away because that's just silly. So I'll eat it. And when I'm finished, maybe I'll start a low-carb diet.

About that hot sauce... Way back in December of last year, I got a cold and started craving spicy things. I think it was because they were the only things I could "taste". For some reason, I haven't stopped craving spice. So a couple of weeks ago my friend Marie introduced me to a new hot sauce: Sriracha.

This is what it looks like:
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I believe you can buy in in any grocery store, possibly with the "asian" foods. It's very garlicy and somewhat sweet, and I'm obsessed with it! I sometimes pick my dinner around it, such as, "I want pasta, but can I have my Sriracha with it? No? Maybe I'll have burritos."
I recommend trying it.

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rayleen said...

We've been eating this for years and always have at least one bottle in the fridge. Apollo just LOVES it!