Monday, July 04, 2005

I'm posting a pic!!!! GASP!!!!!

Image hosted by
Okay, here's my staightend hair!  Boy, I really look excited...  Please ignore the face.


Anonymous said...

cute hair! I really like it. Hey ya know what? I bet you would look more excited if you moved back to San Diego.
Guess who

Anonymous said...


I agree with "guess who".....

Think you should move closer to San Diego..... El Cajon is closer to San Diego......and SMALLER

plus Roger could go back to the desert to play!!!!

Miss you

rayleen said...

I like your hair. How did you straighten it?

aimee said...

Ahh, you guys are so funny!!!!
I just used a flat iron... I really hate that picture. I think I hadn't slept for 2 years or something!