Saturday, July 23, 2005


I'm getting really pissed off about the whole dieting scene. I know I need some exercise and I've been walking to work and home (a little over a mile one way), and it doesn't seem to be helping a lot. I'm almost ready to do something drastic like take weight loss supplements or go back on the Atkins thing. Supplements would definitely be easier, but Atkins would probably be healthier. Maybe I should try it for a month and see. In fact, I think I will!
From this day, the 23rd of July until the 22nd of August (the day before my Mom's birthday), I'm going to try the Atkins thing.
Does this mean I have to drink my coffee black??? I've been trying to drink less and less caffeine, which means I've been drinking half-regular and half-decaf for the past month or so. I still feel like I need the caffeine though. I'll keep working on it.
I would post my weight as a "testimonial" of sorts, but I don't think that's necessary. Plus, I'm thinking about giving Jeff the address to this blog, and honestly I think I would rather peel back my eyelid and pour straight alcohol on my eyeball than let him know how much I weigh... Not that he's a materialistic kind of guy, but just that I don't have the cajones.
I'll keep my blog updated as to my weight loss (I freakin' hope!!!).

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rayleen said...

So don't post your weight. Instead, post your accomplishments in being healthy. I think that's more important. :)