Sunday, July 10, 2005

I learned something

My ever patient sister Rayleen has been trying to teach me how to be a better blogger. So she taught me how to make the blue linky things!!! :) YAY!!!

So I went out with "the girls" last night and we went to one of the bars here in town. Hm. I'm surprised at such a little meat market here in this sleepy town, but sure enough it was. I figured it would be just a small-town hole in the wall, so I wore the same pants and t-shirt that I wore all day (and found a nice little mudhole for my jeep to play in). When I got there, all the girls were showing cleavage and all the guys were... well, some of the guys were wearing tight t-shirts. One particularly drunk fella was wearing board shorts and a long sleeved button up shirt that had bleach spots all down the back.
And he's the guy that kept asking me to dance. Why do I get all the winners??? I told him I killed a guy dancing once, and it wasn't safe for me to hit the dance floor... I'm just so bad at it! His unfocused, dilated pupils told me he didn't get it.
But we got out of there unscathed and not too annoyed. We actually left kind of early, but that's probably a good thing. :)


Faythe said...

Tight T-shirts, eh? I didn't realize that Metrosexuality had reached small towns yet. Wow.

rayleen said...

Killed a guy dancing. LOL

I'm so glad you're blogging more. This will be a chance to keep in touch beyond the hour long phone calls. hehe

Remember to try out and let me know what you think. Meanwhile, Faythe has tried bloggers picture hosting/posting and I'm not really sure how she feels about it (ask her). But I've heard that others have had technical problems with it.

aimee said...

Faythe, does it count as Metrosexual if they have little buzz cuts and stand around kind of wrestling with each other?