Wednesday, July 20, 2005

News 20Jul2005

Well, this is what's going on:
The pharmacy manager called the District Manager and told her it would really be a shame for the company to lose me just because they hired somebody else (not that I would be fired, but that I might quit or something), and the DM agreed and is looking for availabilities in the surrounding areas. So that's nice. And they are planning on me moving at the end of next month - a lot sooner than I had originally anticipated, which is cool with me because now I won't be moving in the snow or something.
I was a little worried about one thing though... Most places want you to be earning 2.5 times your rent and at the place I live now, I make basically 2 times my rent - one paycheck for rent, one to live on. I was concerned because it might be harder to find a place to rent that would trust me even with good rental history. So I was hoping to hear about the pharmacy technician test results (the test I took a couple of months ago), because it gets me a raise if I pass.

I found out today:


rayleen said...


Faythe said...

Alright!!! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Right on Aimeeeeeee! Good for you!


aimee said...

Thank you, thank you!!! (bowing)
As soon as I found out, I ripped of the embarrasing "trainee" badge that has my first and last name on it, and put on my "technician" badge that only sports my first name! WOO-HOO! :)