Friday, March 31, 2006

Watching a little TV

I just got hooked up on that new Blockbuster deal where you can basically have unlimited movies for one set price... I am on the "three movies out at a time" deal which is perfect for me. I can watch one a night, send one out and have another coming on it's way. It's pretty sweet!

So I saw that I could get The Starsky & Hutch television show on DVD... How could I resist?!? When I saw the opening credits and whatnot, it seemed vaguely familiar. Like a distant scent from my childhood. And you know what? I like this show! I miss cops-n-robber type shows!

And some of the things that are on the show crack me up - not counting the clothing and accessories! For example, when they do a street scene and there are some stunts involved, it's amazing that there is NO TRAFFIC WHATSOEVER. Amazing. It's really great though, I'm getting a big kick out of it.

I do like the movie as well by the way. But ahhh, those 70's flicks and series!

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