Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Quit!

Okay, so today was my last day at work. They held my paycheck until I was done with my shift to make sure I wouldn't walk out... Which is smart because I was tempted more than once. The pharmacist was in rare form tonight... Well, maybe not so rare. It's like she saved all of her angry pettiness for today. She stomped around and threw little things on the counter. She slammed the pill bottles down. She huffed and puffed to show me how angry she was. She mumbled things under her breath so I couldn't really hear.

And I counted down the hours. I took down my license. I took my book with my technician stuff in it. I tried to erase my existance in that building. I wanted it to be as if I were never there.

I didn't get "short-timers" too bad - I did my job as well as any other day. I treated the customers great and tried to make her job easier. But there was absolutely no pleasing her. So after my agonizing 10 hour shift, I did the happy jig, took my paycheck and went home! I'm actually considering cutting up my pharmacy smock as therapy. I have three of them, so I can use two for when I give Roger an oil change or something.

I'm just so happy! I'm ready for my three day weekend! And then I'll start my new job, full of hope and naivete. Ain't life grand?

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