Thursday, March 30, 2006

What's... Up??

I saw this when I was out at lunch with my friend Joel... We thought it was great and decided it deserved a post.

I would like to see the the inside of that door. I wonder what it says. "Watch Your Step!" Or "Elevator Broken - Only Goes Down". It would be cool to have an office right there and have a fireman's pole on the outside. Friday's would be awesome! As soon as you finish your work, you could lock the door to your office, open the door to the pole and slide right down to your car! Of course, it might not be so fun when it's raining or really hot. You might have to wear gloves. But it would be soooooo worth it!

1 comment:

Dr. The BoB said...

Tsk tsk tsk... There you go using "awesome" again. ;)

I'm just thinking how much fun I could have with one of those... I live on the 15th floor. :)