Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I haven't posted for a while... Again

I've been having lapses in posting again. I will blame it on work. Which by the way, is okay. There have been some interesting moments. Well... I might as well be truthful:
After 4 and 1/2 days I got "The Talk". My boss had a legal pad full of "concerns". Here are some of her concerns...
1. I asked too many questions - some of the same questions repeated.
In my defense, that's how I learn. Repetition. Especially when it's totally foreign to me.
2. I stopped asking questions.
Uh, yeah. I could tell they were getting annoyed at the questions, so I tried to figure it out myself. My bad.
3. I said "awesome" on the phone.
Oops. I didn't realize that. She wants me to review the phone etiquette again.
4. On two of the days, I seemed to get stressed at the end of the day.
Yup. I was getting stressed. The boss and my trainer (her daughter) were leaving for vacation the week after I started, so I was trying to learn everything I could. She said I need to "maintain my energy level throughout the day".
5. I read the dictionary.
This was an interesting one. My trainer was on the computer doing something unrelated to me (on my second day), so I grabbed the dictionary and flipped through it. She made a comment like, "you like to read the dictionary?" I said something about loving words or whatever. Then I put it down. Later, she put a person on hold and asked me if "pro bono" meant free. I wasn't sure so I looked in the dictionary (novel idea) while she asked the other lawyer in the office. I said yes it does and tried to show her. She ignored me since she got her answer from the attorney, went to the phone and told the person there. And then told her mom that I read the dictionary for fun.

Those are just a few of her concerns. I didn't defend myself. I was too shocked to be getting the talk at such an early stage. And after only a week there, why should I be defending myself? I'm new and learning!!!

I can honestly say that I don't see myself working there for years and years. And even if I stay there for a year or two and decide to move on, that's a year or two that I could have put into a 401K or whatever at a job I enjoy. So I've decided to go ahead and keep my eyes open for another job. Now I'm trying to look for one that would just make me happy to go to work. That's a difficult job to find if I actually want to be able to support myself! So I'm not in a huge rush, but I'll try to be smarter about it.

This week the boss and daughter are on vacation (although she calls in), so it's less tense. Even though I know everything I say and do (and I really do mean everything) is being reported back to her. That's what they call communication. Everybody tattles on each other and then the boss talks to you. Why do jobs and careers have to be so difficult?!?

What would you have said or done? What would you do now?


shutterbugger said...

Good Lawd almighty, Aimee, leave that freekin place NOW! Run Child!

Jebusssss, WTF is wrong with those people?

Millions of other places would LOVE to have you, take it from an experienced helper-looker like me.

I'd hire you, but I am not into LAW, I own Accounting Firm. You do MATH by chance?????

ps- dont ever put them on a resume, they are complete idiots.

aimee said...

Doo Dah,
Oh, thank the Lord! I'm so glad you said that... I was seriously beginning to think I have a problem with work/people or something. And don't worry, this is NOT going on my resume! :)
I don't do math very well I'm sad to say. I'm more of a creative being and facts bounce right off.
Thanks for the comment! :)

Dr. The BoB said...

Wow... you can't say "awesome" on the phone? Whattup with that?

I do customer service work which involves (you guessed it) the phone. :) And awesome is one of those words that nobody has a problem with... especially when used in the context of "Have yourself an awesome day!"

Yeah... I think you work for some wierdos. *L*

aimee said...

Dr. The BoB, thank you! And you know what? I hope YOU have an awesome day!!! I know I'm going to try!