Sunday, April 02, 2006

Me and Duke

While Jeff was on vacation I got to hang out with Duke! Duke is the coolest. I tried to get pictures of him bounding around (sometimes bouncing higher than I am tall, I think), but he was too quick and my camera too slow. But I might have a couple of Duke here and there.

There is a pond that Duke loves, and it has ducks, reeds and other pond-y stuff. Sometimes I could hear him, but not see him so much...

And suddenly, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!.... oh, I mean, Good boy Duke! I knew it was you...

Here he's doing a great impression of a crocodile.

If he gets tired of swimming, or as a precursor to the swim, he also enjoys digging for moles and mice. Ahh, the life of Duke.

Here's to you, Duke!

1 comment:

rayleen said...

Wow, Duke looks really happy! I wish I lived where Duke lives!