Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Last Day

I tried to post this after my last day at work while it was still fresh, but I think Blogger was down. So it might not be as fresh, but oh well.

My last day was hell. They wouldn't give me my paycheck until my shift was over, which was a good idea. I actually thought about walking out more than a few times that evening.

It was as if the pharmacist saved all of her angry pettiness for that day. She stomped around. She huffed and sighed. She threw little things on the counter. She slammed the pill bottles down. She mumbled things just low enough so I couldn't hear her.

I took down my certificate. I took my license out of the frame. I collected my folder. And counted down the hours... And the minutes.

When I left I said, "Have a good night." She said, "Oh. You too." I didn't respond, but walked out with my till and didn't shut the door behind me (which normally drives me crazy when somebody doesn't shut the door). I hope to never see her again. The supervisor that night had to walk me to the door because it was late and the doors were locked, and she said that she was happy I'm going to be working for somebody who would be nice. Everybody there knows about this pharmacist, but can't seem to do anything about it.

But I am officially free! I was giddy when I left, talking to Roger and speeding home, just trying to get far away quickly. Now when I drive by the store I giggle and know that I don't have to go back. Ahhhh. It's good. It's very good.

Tomorrow I start my new job, full of naivete and not sure of what to expect. I have high hopes though. And like my sister Rayleen says, I can wear cute but uncomfortable shoes now because I'm not standing up for 9 hours straight! Yay!!!


Faythe said...

Yay Aimee! Hope your first day at your new job goes really well. Hooray for leaving a crappy place to work!! That's one of the best feelings ever!

Blogger's been kind of funny these past few days, I've had problems putting up posts, too.

aimee said...

Thanks Faythe! You're right, it's one of the best feelings!!!