Friday, March 03, 2006

New Pen

I understand how completely geeky this post will portray me to be. I will post it anyway!!!
I got a new pen. It's the neatest little gadget ever! I write and type a lot at work, and when I take moment to get my pen out of my pocket and put it back in, I get a lot of ink everywhere (smock, hand, etc.). I also lose pens to other people.
Allow me to introduce you to the Zip Pen.

(I apologize for the bad pictures... if I use my flash, all you see is a little black dot. Use the link for much better pictures.)
Co-workers laugh, customers look at it with intrest, and I'm as happy as... well, as happy as a person who won't lose their pen I guess.
As you can see, it just clips onto your middle finger...

... and yet it stays out of the way while you're typing. See how it's angled up, ever so slightly?

What's that?... You're typing and the phone rings... and you need to jot something down quickly? Just curl your fingers together because the pen is ready to write!

So there it is. My new pen. Scoff if you must, I like it! Oh, and it comes with a little clear cap that you can put on it... I use it for the pressure sensitive debit/credit thing at the register when the customer doesn't tap it when they're supposed to.


Faythe said...

Aimee, that pen kicks ass! Where did you buy it? I need that for when I'm at work, too!

aimee said...

Faythe, I think I got it at Office Max... That's the one with the little stick guy, right?
It's not the best writer, but it's totally worth it!

rayleen said...

That pen rocks! I want that pen!