Saturday, March 11, 2006


Yesterday (Friday) I took a long lunch and went on an interview. The interview was with two lawyers at their firm. It's a nice Victorian style house, but pretty modern on the inside. It's downtown, but not in the thick of it. The interview ran a lot longer than expected and I was tested on my typing skills and they had me transcript a pleading, something I have never done. I thought I really messed the pleading up, but it turns out I did fine. And my typing test came out at 48 WPM with no mistakes - that irked me because I know I can do better, but they were pleased.
I liked the interview and the two lawyers. They are both female and very nice. My boss is a direct person, but she seems to be very sensitive to other people and she's not cold. I'm only making 50 cents more than I am currently, but after six months I'll most likely get a raise, and possibly every six months if I understood correctly. I have government holidays off (paid), a week vacation a year to start (and that increases too), and my birthday off. She also likes to comp. people, so I might just get a day off here and there.
So I'm giving one week notice at my current job and after this week, I'll be a Legal Secretary!!!! YAY!!! I'm leaving this hellish place!!!! No more retail customer service!!! No more ringing people up! No more flatulent or insanely rude pharmacists!
I get my own desk and it's huge! When I start, I'll take pictures... well, maybe after a week or so when I'm done with most of the training. :)


Faythe said...

Congratulations, Aimee!! This is great news! Can't wait to see the pictures of your desk.

MOM said...

Sunday at church the pastor asked the aud. if they had any prayers or praises. I waited for everyone to get done and raised my arm. I told everyone I had a praise and told them how you transfered from Brookings to Albany and how they refused to give you a 40 hour week after they told you they would and how you had to work late nights and weekends and wasn't able to go to church and no responce from the group but when I said and the thing that really up set her was she had to work on super bowl sunday every man there moaned out loud and the lay pastor said out load 'Oh I'd quit" and someone else said out loud "I don't blame her" and ect. Everyone there was laughing at the men. Anyways everyone is happy you finally got a better and new job. And me of course I will I don't know who is the happiness, you or me. :-)
love you, MOM