Friday, May 05, 2006

Training in Ashland Pt. I

Yesterday I drove down to Ashland for some training for my new job. I actually rented a car (an Elantra), as I mentioned previously, and it was great.

I got to hear the music I was playing, it had a sunroof, and it apparently liked to go fast. Automatic vehicles are like that!

Welcome to the Mid-Valley or Willamette Valley:

Here's a common sight.

And more to follow....


rayleen said...

I love the Willamette Valley. Funny how that one photo is making me homesick.

Katrina said...

It reminds me of my relatives that live in McMinnville! Hi Aimee!

aimee said...

Hi Katrina! :)

I agree Rayleen, I love the Willamette Valley. It's very warm looking.