Wednesday, May 03, 2006

American Idol

Well, with Rayleen busy at the moment, the American Idol review falls to me. I'm not going to be nearly as colorful or lengthy as Faythe or Rayleen, but here it goes...

They went through the normal blah, blah about what Randy, Paula and Simon thought about the performances last night. I didn't actually watch last night's show, so I can't comment. And I have to admit, I was at my computer listening, so I don't know how they looked. I hang my head in shame for Rayleen and Faythe.

After the initial boring "this is what happened last night" stuff, I was surprised at how fast they started "safing" people. I thought they were going to draw it out and make groups and whatever, but I suppose with only five left, you can't really draw it out much.

Taylor: safe.

Chris: safe.

Paris was the first to be in the bottom two. She sang Prince's "Kiss". Eh. It was okay. I wasn't impressed by it and I don't really think it's a song she should sing. I think she should sing songs with a little more... I don't know, but a little more.

Kathryn (am I spelling her name right? I don't think so.) and Elliott were the last two... and Kathryn.... is safe.

Elliot sang "On Broadway", a song that I am sick of. I think it's over-used for commercials, movies, whatever. And yes Faythe, he was "goaty". He must have been pretty nervous, poor guy.

I figured early on that it was time for Paris to leave and my assumption was correct. She got to sing one last time after watching her travels through the show and she didn't sound very good, but I think it was because of emotions. I think she's great, but I agree that it was time. If I were bold enough to make a prediction for next week, I would have to say it's Elliot's turn. Not because he was in the bottom two, but just because I think he's been low-key, hiding-in-the-back long enough. But I could be wrong!

Oh, and I'm really getting tired of that freakin' song, "You've Had a Bad Day", or whatever it's called! I used to like it, but come on!!! Arrrrrrggg!!!!


Faythe said...

Ahem. Where's the pictures??? Argh!!

aimee said...

hehehe, sorry!