Saturday, May 20, 2006


Well, it's the weekend and I'm finally back home. It's weird being gone all the time. I'm starting to forget which light switch does what if there's more than one switch on a panel. I flick one on for light and the fan turns on. Oh well.

This coming weekend is pretty packed. I want to do something with Joel for taking care of the cats (and they've been horrible!), mow the lawn, go to Jeff's and install my new valve cover,go to church, do all my laundry and iron it for next week. This week is different because they need us down there over Memorial Day weekend. So I'm going to be gone for two weeks this time. I feel bad for my cats. I know Joel is looking in on them, but they're my babies and I can tell they've missed me. I just gave them Advantage, so they're even more angry. I guess Buddy and Grace have been fighting all week, and this is the cake topper. But it has to be done! Hopefully they'll forgive me.

On my way into Brookings last Monday, I had left early to be there early. I wanted to be able to get some coffee, fill the tank, do whatever. Well, they have construction going on. At that point, it was at the beginning of town, but the traffic was all the way out about 2 miles from town. I was in that flippin' traffic for over AN HOUR!!! There was enough "sitting-around" time for the trucker behind me to check something out in his engine compartment:

I rolled into work 15 minutes late, to see the owner of the company there talking on his phone. ARG! Other than that, things have been going along pretty well. The construction is now right in front of where we were working, but we're moving the trailer down to Harbor this coming week, so maybe we'll have a little more peace and quiet and better smells. Not that the smell of fresh blacktop isn't great.

Now that I'm back at home, I've got to tell you about my strange neighbors across the street... again. They've apparently got some company. And they drive this:

Can you see the cow skull on the top? And chained to the back is a lovely pitbull, or whatever breed it is... It's scary!

I've been online long enough - time to get my chores and errands done! I'll try to figure out how to blog from the road, but until then - see ya!

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