Sunday, May 28, 2006

Home again


Well, I'm back at home! I slept a little over 9 hours last night and it felt GREAT. Yesterday we were in the parade in Brookings. I thought it was going to be a little silly, but I ended up hearing a lot of people talking about us and stuff. It was awesome exposure! While I won't post pictures of our truck and trailer from the outside (because it has the name of the company I work for, etc. - yeah, call me paranoid), I DO have pictures from the inside! Keep in mind that our trailer is actually 53 feet long!!! 53 FEET! It's monstrous!

This is the view from my desk.

And here is my desk from the other side. You can't see my chair, but I have a cushy chair... and I might be getting something even more comfortable! Hehehehe!

It's a pretty good setup. I really enjoy it! Driving for 5 1/2 hours every Monday and Friday sucks, but oh well. And being away from the cats sucks. Speaking of the cats, they're doing ok. I think they still fight once in a while, but Buddy was downstairs yelling at me in the window as soon as he heard Roger pull up in the driveway. So I think they're almost back to normal.

Well, I have to get ready for church, so this is it for now. I'll try to post more later - I want to tell you about the storm I went through just north of Eugene. No biggie, but it's something to post!

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rayleen said...

Wow, it doesn't even look like a trailer, it's nice inside!