Tuesday, April 11, 2006

April Showers

I gotta say, I'm getting tired of this spring rain. I wake up in the morning and see that it's overcast. Where's the sun?!? The flowers need freakin' sun to grow too!!
My skin started to take on a blue hue, so I put on a little Tan in a Can. Brown in a Bottle. Color in a Canister. Whatever you want to call it, it's sunless tanning lotion. I just needed a little color on my skin, even if it were temporary! I'm thinking about going to a tanning booth. I'll just have to see what those kinds of things cost, as I've never been to one.
Speaking of work, here's my one sentence:

Yesterday I was the only one who showed up for work and ended up vacuuming because I was so bored until 4pm when my boss called and gave me a bunch of work to do (I get off at 5:30pm).

Okay, it was kind of a long sentence... Sorry. And speaking of jobs and whatnot, I'm being recruited for a pharmacy technician position. It's a totally different company. A friend of mine who worked at the same place that I did also quit and went to this new company and she loves it. She's a pharmacist, so it's a little different. But she has been "talking me up" to her boss for quite some time now and I finally talked to him.
It's an interesting proposition... If they do indeed want me to take the job. I'm looking at $3 more an hour (which is nice) and a company car as I would be a "floater", filling in for people who are on vacation or sick or whatever. I like this! I wouldn't be working with the same people all the time - I would be working with many different people. My hotel would be paid for and my gas. And of course, I wouldn't be putting mileage on Roger. But it's not for sure yet. We'll see.
I wasn't exactly looking to get back into that business, but if the money and job is right, it might not be so bad.
Ahh, if I could only get paid to sing!

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