Thursday, November 30, 2006

When good cats go bad, etc.

This is what happens when someone steals another's bed... or maybe they just think they own it. The stare-down:

The Pre-Slapfest:

I wasn't fast enough to get the fight & flight, but here's a picture of the Weapon of Doom:

So I'm sure a lot of you know that I am going back to school for my degree. I've recently been unemployed and it's just amazing how hard it is to get a decent paying job that's full time. It seems you need a degree. So, after almost three months of unemployment, I decided it's time to go back to school. I have the GI Bill, so that will make it considerably easier, however I'll still need to work so I can eat, pay bills, etc.

I recently (yesterday or the day before) chose my major to be Physical Science and hopefully a minor in Music. I took the placement exam today and am waiting for my orientation class. It's really weird going back to school. I had a year in college right after graduation, but it was literally ALL Acting, Singing and P.E. classes, with the exception of one Math class that they make me take. Well, I had fun!

When I was there at the school yesterday, I saw this and wondered if science and technology had come very far while I've been out of school, and made books really, really tiny:

In case you can't even see it, that's a backpack on her back!!! Hm. Maybe she has all the text books loaded onto her Blackberry or something. Speaking of blackberry... doesn't blackberry ice cream sound really good for some reason?

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