Friday, November 10, 2006

San Diego

As most of you know from my sister Rayleen's blog, I got to go visit her. I figured it was now or never. As soon as I get a job, it's not likely I'll be able to have time off for a while.

We didn't do a lot, we just hung out together. And that's really what I was wanting. It's just nice to do sometimes. We ate at a few favorite spots, watched a couple of movies, played some games and got some good knitting in! I would have liked to have seen people from church and stuff, but it just didn't go that way this time. That will always be my church family though.

While I was there, I took a picture of the apartment I lived in when I was able to live off base. It was incredibly small, but it was in CORONADO! I was within decent walking distance to the beach, to the base and to the beer. The kitchen could only have one person at a time (no joke!) and I had an old stinky couch that had made it's way through the barracks. I lived in the corner apartment on the top left, facing the street.

We ate at Todai, a sushi buffet which is located below a few freeways.

By the way, I have a couple of "honorable mentions" for my travels. First, the seats in the Alaska Air 737 that I flew in. Sure, there was no leg room to speak of, but the seats were nice! It wasn't just that horrible fabric from 1984 anymore! In fact, I do believe it was (*gasp*)... Leather!

I will have to keep the second honorable mention for my next blog. I've tried to upload the pictures twice, but Blogger seems to be tired tonight. It won't go. Hm. Is this their way of making me go to the "new and improved" Blogger? How is that anyway? Has anybody tried it yet?


rayleen said...

Faythe uses it...also I use it for the cats blog. I like it. I want to switch my blog over but it won't let me.

katrina said...

Sorry we missed each other! It would have been great to catch up!

Hope you had a WONDERFUL visit and a nice vacation!