Friday, November 03, 2006

Gee Golly, Let's Knit!

I recently acquired a library card. I was actually excited because I go through a lot of books and then they're stacked around my house. Then I re-read them. Again and again. But now I can just get different ones! Woo-hoo!!! Yes, this may be common sense to most people, but I've never accused myself of having that quality.

While at the library, I looked for knitting books. They didn't have many, and the ones they had were checked out. They had ONE on the shelf. When I looked at it, I knew I had to take it home and blog about it. It was copyrighted in 1973 - a very good year if I must say so!

This is the cover... Maybe they should rename the book to "Naughty Knitting".

These are, of course, highlights of the book. Hehehehehe!!!! Look at this bedspread!! Or whatever it's called.

Hey, maybe we should knit cosies... for everything. Hm. Then again, it's really hard to tell what's on the table. "Please pass the butter... Hey, that's not butter, but it's good to know where the toilet paper is..."

But what about clothes? That might look better... Or not. If you can click the picture and enlarge it, check out the glasses in her hand.

And this is my personal favorite. It just doesn't get much better than this!

Ah, the 70's. They bring such joy and delight!


rayleen said...

HAHA!! Definitely worth the wait blogger puts you through trying to load photos!!

Faythe said...

What the hell??? Man, that stuff is awful! Maybe it's time I got my own library card so I can find gems like this!

katrina said...

Daaanng, Those are some interesting clothes! I actually remember that damn man's vest, 'cause I actually lived through the 70's! I think my dad had one, but his was brown.