Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Blogger?

I just switched over to the Blogger beta... we'll see how it goes. I just tried to post a comment on somebody else's blog and it told me I couldn't post on a non-beta blog. Oh, now you tell me!

So most of you know that I broke up with the guy I was seeing (quite a while ago), even though I didn't post it. But hey, I had a boyfriend for a couple of months, dang it! Anyway, I went on a blind date last night. My friend Angi from high school really wanted me to meet this guy. I was a little leery, but she kept bugging me and I knew she wouldn't stop until I met him.

Let me digress for a moment and say that this is not to make the guy look like a freak, it's just to remind you who have forgotten the pain of dating.

So he described himself as a "skinnier, sexier Silent Bob". Oh nice. That's just what I'm looking for in a guy. And let me just say that he lied. I don't have any pictures because I thought it would be a little too obvious if I were laughing and saying, "No wait, I gotta post this!"

I asked Angi if he was a Christian (it's obviously VERY important to me) and she hesitated. "Well, no... but he's not against it." *sigh* In later conversations, he told me he was agnostic, but then told Angi he was "Okay with Him", pointing at her Jesus t-shirt. So the quasi-agnostic not-Silent-Bob guy wasn't really on to a good start. His hair was almost as long as mine. His bangs were way past his eyes, which he remedied by using both hands at his forehead and flipping his hair to a nice feathered style. And he did this a lot. Flip, flip, flip.

He was nice. But this "dinner" was apparently not so much a dinner as a party. A Mapleton style party. We never ate food, and I was starving! I was promised food! I didn't eat! Needless to say, the couple of drinks I had didn't set well on my stomach. Meanwhile, this guy was sucking them down like nobody. Angi told me later he was nervous. Whaaaateverrrrr.

By the close of the evening, I was nauseated and this wannabe Silent Bob was mooning over me. I do believe one of our conversations went like this:
Guy: So, I'm going to be brutally honest. I.. uh... I really think... uh.. you're pretty.
Me: Thank you.
Guy: Yeah. And I want to be honest here. I didn't want to come here tonight. But... uh... I just think... so... I'll just be totally... uh...
Me: Honest?
Guy: Yeah. Honest. You're pretty. *hic*

Yes, I know, it sounds kind of sweet, but his eyes weren't focusing very well (how could he even see me?!?) and he was slurring a bit. Now my good friend Angi has set it up for her boyfriend, her, and me to meet at the guy's house for dinner next weekend.
I didn't know what to say. Please God, let me get a job!!!


I forgot to give the guy his food label. It is..............
Three day old grilled cheese sandwich, using Velveeta and Wonder bread, fried in Crisco. Might have been good at some point, but just stale, bendy and gross now.


Faythe said...

Wow, I'm so sorry you're dealing with dating! Me, who has never gone out on a real date, really.

Love his food label!

Also, I'm using the new beta blogger for my cat's new blog and for my die granny square die blog, and I love it! well, except for the not being able to comment on non-beta blogs part. But everything else is cool!

Tytainya, Queen of the Fairies said...

No, not the Velveetah! Don't spoil Velveetah. You got to use the AM/PM Squirt Cheese or Gub'ment Cheese.