Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Bedframe!!

I have a bedframe! I'm so excited about it - I don't know why. I guess it makes me feel grown-up or rich or something. I'm just so happy! And it's not just a metal thingy on wheels, it's wood! My mom and cousin Liz came up to drop it off, along with an extra bed and little metal frame. I have an extra bedroom, so it's nice if I ever have company. We started loading into the house and all the neighbor guys took over. They said, "What are you doing?!? Let go of that.... Gimmee." So we did. It was really nice of them. I bought them thank-you-beer later for their hard work.

I really wish I would have cleaned my house though. Doh!

The cats love it too. It smells strange to them (it was stored in my mom's barn for a while) and it's fun to climb on.

Each side has a little cupboard and drawer along with the open space. I have my light, book for reading at night, alarm clock and phone in it now. It's so much better than the cardboard box I was using!

I have however, hit my leg on this end twice. Hopefully I'll learn after that last one, because it really hurt.

Grace is looking relaxed and pretty. She loves sleeping on my bed. And if you think the cheetah print is funny - that blanket is warm, dang it! And besides...

They have a bed to match. If you pop it up, it opens into a thing to play in. I got it for Buddy when he was little. He's way too big to play in it now (he would have to squat down and he'd still stick out on both ends), but it doubles as a great bed.

On a totally unrelated note, I live near a high school. They practice their marching band at 8:00 or 8:30 a.m. That's just wrong. And annoying. I just wanted to say something about it because it's kind of bugging me. I feel better now.

Oh, and my "Unemployment Scarf" has turned into a scarf, hat and fingerless gloves. Sheesh.


Faythe said...

I would love to have a bedframe! It'd be nice to finally sleep on a bed that's actually OFF the floor!

katrina said...

Kilo is getting up there in years (he'll be 12 this coming Saturday!) and his joints aren't what they used to be. So, when I moved to the 2nd floor bedroom of my new house at the beginning of October, I decided to get rid of the frame, so he could get on the bed (yes, he sleeps with me) easier! It didn't seem right to have him going up and down the stairs all the time AND then have to jump extra high to be able to go to sleep.

That band playing at 8am sounds VERY un-friendly!