Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Quest Pt 3

I'll probably not go to a diner today as I went last Thursday. I even felt a little guilty that I was going too soon, but I was on lunch and was bored. We get a full hour for lunch... what do ya do?!?
I went to an old restaurant called Sweet Waters. I was able to get everything I wanted, which is a plus. Surprisingly, the coffee wasn't too horrible. Most restaurant coffee comes from a big 5 gallon tin can I think, and tastes like it. This one wasn't quite so horrible.
The waitress and the person who seated me were both very nice and pleasant. They even seemed to enjoy their jobs! *gasp!*
The portions were pretty big... I got the 6oz top sirloin in lieu of the bigger ground sirloin. There were tons of hashbrowns and they put the grilled onions on top of them. The eggs were absolutely perfect: Yolks runny, whites cooked. They even put a couple of onion rings on my steak! Check it out:

(I couldn't use a flash in there... I was trying not to let people realize that I was taking a picture of the food. It just seems weird.)

If I remember correctly, the price was $9.95 for the meal, $1.25 for the coffee, and extra $.25 for the side of cream cheese (not whipped... too bad!) and of course a tip... I give Sweet Waters a grade of B+ in total. The food was pretty darn good, although the steak wasn't the best ever. It wasn't overcooked or anything, but it could have been a little more flavorful. But so far, S.W. is in the lead!... uh, if there were a race.

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