Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Cats

My eyes were opened, thanks to Faythe who reminded me that I haven't shown pictures of my cats! I can't believe it! So here they are...

Meet Grace. The light is shining in her eyes so they look a little weird, but she's my sweetie. She loves to lay belly-up in my lap and drool on my pants.

And then there's Buddy. He's just a show off. But here he's sleeping in the sun, soaking up what he can on the couch.


Simba and Zoe said...

Wow, Grace has gotten so big! Me and Simba agree, she's bigger than me now!!


Jojo said...

Grace looks like she'd be fun to play with, and Buddy, well, I think I'd like to challenge Buddy to a Bite-Off!! I'll bite him and spit out his fur just like I spit out all the fluff from my older sister!!