Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Quest Continues

I was told about a place to go for steak-n-eggs, so I went downtown to find it. I ended up having to call the person who told me about Wyatt's which is a restaurant and brewery or something. He told me the wrong street, and said it was near the post office... It was about three blocks from the post office, but whatever.

I went in and grabbed a menu and waited by the sign that said, "Please Wait To Be Seated". It was a cheerful, clean and pleasant atmosphere. There were a few people there playing Keno or something in the bar section.

I saw nothing in the menu about steak and eggs. I saw hamburgers that cost $10 and nice dinners that were more. No steak and eggs. Nobody to seat me either. So I left. It seemed like a nice enough place though.
(an alley I passed on the Quest)

I then went down the street a half a block on the other side to a place called Olde Towne Cafe. It should have been called Old Smelly Cafe. But ya never know - it might have great food! When I walked in, I noticed that it was a very long, skinny cafe. On the left was the kitchen - kind of open. I could see the supplies, the lady cooking and etc. On the right side they had two tables by the window, then booths going all the way back, and finally long tables in the very back where the staff (I use the term loosely) seemed to sit.

The cashier/waitress stared at me for a second. She looked puzzled and asked, "Do you want a menu?" offering the suggested item very hesitantly. I said sure and asked if I could sit anywhere. She said yes and explained that the coffee/tea was self serve. At first, I could figure out if that was unique or just lazy. After a couple more minutes of Olde Towne bliss, I decided it was lazy... And yet probably better for the customer. I found the coffee and tea in the middle while I walked to the back. When I got to the long tables in the back and the area that didn't seem to be for customers, I turned around and went to the front. I sat at a small table for two in the very front near the window. It was the most cheerful spot with the most lighting.

All of the other booths were connected to a wall that had what looked like two-way mirrors. Why would I want to sit by a large mirror while I ate?!? And who's on the other side?!?

After looking at the menu, I noticed it didn't have steak and eggs either. It had country fried steak, but that was the closest. So when the waitress came to take my order I explained that I didn't see it on the menu, but I was wondering if they had it. She again looked confused and said, "Steak? We have country fried steak." I told her with an apologetic smile that I was really wanting some steak and eggs, but thanks anyway and got my coat on. She tried to sell me the country fried steak again and I politely declined, thanking her anyway.

She then turned right around and went to the cook(/owner?/her mother?) and said, "She wanted steak. We don't have steak." The cook said, "Country Fried Steak." I left.

I then went to a place called Loafers which had a sign outside boasting of their steak. I went inside and found myself in a deli/cafe type of place. I walked around the corner and found the restaurant, which was obviously not open. I asked the clerk just in case... No steak and eggs. "Just, like, bacon and stuff."

I walked down the street, now determined to find a place downtown. I walked in the rain a few blocks away and started to pass a restaurant/bar called JP's... I think. I thought, "Well, it looks more like a bar than a restaurant, but I'll try it." When I walked in and passed the pool tables, I knew my deduction was correct.

A pool player greeted me (only a couple of teeth missing, I wonder if he's single?) and I said hi back. I walked to the back and wondered where the restaurant was. The bartender greeted me and I asked him if I could get steak and eggs there. He moved his head in a way that could be yes or no and said, "Yup." I was so used to hearing no that I asked if he knew where I could get some. He replied, "Right here." I said, "OH! You said yes!"

He was a decent waiter, for being a bartender. He wasn't too good about keeping my coffee cup full, but I didn't really expect much from him. I made myself at home in the middle in a well-lit section. The music sucked. With lyrics like, "... you left a stain on every one of my good days...", I thought if I liked this place I was going to have to bring a lot of quarters for the jukebox. And maybe an iron lung afar the secondhand smoke ate mine.

He didn't have any onions (he ran out) for the hashbrowns, but he did have cream cheese for the english muffin! I was surprised! The eggs were done perfectly. The hashbrowns were a little greasy, but not bad at all. I think the salt shakers in bars have bigger holes so you can have more salt on your pretzels or whatever, because it really came out! But it was fine.

Unfortunately, the steak was not so great. It was small and overcooked. It was pretty dry and didn't bleed at all when I cut it up. And my jaw actually got tired of chewing at one point. The meal was $6.75 and the coffee was $1.25, plus a $2 tip for a total of $10. Not too bad. But I give them a C- for the total grade because of the bad music, bad lighting, smoke and crusty old regulars who were drinking at 2pm. I was leaving just as one of them started getting very racial.

I had to pee, but there was no way I was going to use the bathroom there - that would have been a post of it's own!

Well, there's always next Saturday. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go Febreeze my coat.


Simba and Zoe said... may have to go to The City aka Corvallis. hehehehe

Maybe someone at work has some ideas of a good place to eat?

Daisy Ditzy Do said...

"only a couple of teeth missing, I wonder if he's single?"