Friday, September 28, 2007

My Birthday

I will admit, right off the bat, that this birthday was not the most exciting. However, I had an awesome meal at The Roadhouse Grill. I was really hoping for the prime rib, but it was only 1pm and of course it's not served until 4pm. So I had the rib eye. It was great!

First, they give you a bucket of peanuts. You throw the shells onto the floor - it's FANtastic! I really like doing that.

They also serve the drinks in mason jars. Mmmmmmmmm... I got a nice hefeweizen. Or two.

Then came the appetizer. It was okay - Southwest egg rolls. It seemed a little pasty compared to ones I've had before, but it was okay.

Finally the steak! It was cooked perfectly: Medium rare. Very yummy. I tried to only eat a little of everything (and take it all home) so I could enjoy the birthday sundae, but I was incredibly full and couldn't do it. I also took home a roll (out of two) with the honey-butter. Sooooo good! By the way, I was able to enjoy the steak and fries for breakfast the next morning. Sometimes it's just good to be a bachelorette.


Brianna said...

Happy (belated) birthday!!!

Rayleen said...

Poor Aimee. :( Hopefully I will be there next year. Or we will do something to make it more exciting, somehow.