Sunday, October 14, 2007

I have satellite!

I will admit that my computer has been dormant for a while now. I haven't been on it regularly for one main reason: satellite TV. Mom got me satellite for my birthday (she's tired of coming over here and not being able to watch police shows, Queer Eye, and professional poker), and Rayleen got me DVR! It's been so cool!! I can watch a show, record another and when I need to use the bathroom, I don't have to wait for the commercial - I can pause it and then SKIP the commercials!

When the landlords agreed to letting me get a dish here, their only concern was that it would get put in an "ugly" place. And the dish people didn't disappoint:

Really, could it be in a more obvious place?!? Now the landlords drive by it every day and I see it through my windows. Also, one of the guys setting up the system was creepy and started hitting on me. He then called me from his personal cell phone later that day. Great. I actually had to start locking my door at night - just in case. You never know!

But even with the little hiccups, check out what I can watch now!
Andy Griffith!

CSI Miami! The famous head-tilt! (That guy is so annoying... but I can watch it if I want now!)

What Not To Wear!

And the Geico gecko!!! This is my personal favorite picture... hehehe...

Anyway, it's all very exciting. I can watch NFL now, and those who know me knows how important that is. And now Mom will have plenty to watch when she visits. Thanks to Mom and Rayleen!!!

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Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

Isn't the TiVo DVR thing just the most awesome thing ever?! I love to pause live TV! No more commercials if you don't want to see them!

I'm so excited for you!