Saturday, September 22, 2007

Crab Pots?

I decided to get some Chinese food the other day - I was hungry and didn't really feel like cooking, so I grabbed some on the way home. While I was ordering, I noticed an appetiser called Crab Pots. I asked about them and was told that they had crab with cream cheese and were a little sweet. It sounded like wontons to me, so I figured I would try it. Holy cow.

Do you see all that creamy goodness?!? They were soooooo good! Yes, they were a bit sweet and they came with the sweet and sour sauce which was surprisingly good. I loved it! The rest was okay. I got some sort of hot and spicy shrimp and scallops, but it wasn't very spicy. I ended up adding my own spice.

Grace has become very interested in sewing. She couldn't take her eyes away from the thread, no matter how much I told her "no"...

It was all too tempting!

Stay tuned in... next time on the Captain's Log: The fast and perfect way to start a fire in your wood stove!

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