Thursday, March 29, 2007

Last Saturday, my friends Joel and D-Man took me to a concert! Stellar Kart was opening, Kutless next and then one of my favorite bands: The Newsboys! Now, with that name you might think that they are a "boy band", but they aren't... They're British. And they ROCK!
Here's Joel and D-Man:

My pictures won't be clear, but this is cool... the lead singer/guitarist also plays drums and he and the drummer were having a drum-fest. The platform he was on actually lifted up in the air! He's on the left... Then, the drummer's entire set (on the right - the bright blog) raised up too, and circled around like a ferris-wheel!!! It's hard to make it out, but they're there:

They had some really large screens so we could see what was going on... Highlighting one person...

Or all of them at once:

The lead singer and the keyboarder/singer came out to the middle of the audience (still on a platform) and touched on some of their older music too. I didn't realize I was an actual "fan" until it dawned on me that I knew ALL of their songs. *sigh*

And the first ending... of course we stomped our feet and yelled and they came out and played two or three more songs.

I took a lot of pictures. It actually killed the batteries in my camera, and they were pretty new batteries. Hehe! I really enjoyed the show and I'm so thankful that Joel thought of me when she bought tickets! THANK YOU JOEL!!!

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Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

The Newsboys came to Spokane on the 23rd. I wondered who they were!