Saturday, February 24, 2007

Road Trip Pt. I

As is my custom, I don't post for a long time until people stop checking. Then I have lots of pictures to post.

I went the Newport last weekend, and then Eugene and Springfield this weekend... which one should I post first? Well, the coast ones have waited this long, I suppose they'll wait a little longer.

When I went to Newport, I forgot any sort of camera and ended up buying a couple of disposables. I had intended on going to the Undersea Gardens, but it was closed... I'll save the stories for later. The point being that I had to get the film developed on "paper" (gasp! they still have that?), then scan each picture into my computer. So if you see a fat finger, I have an apparent problem with my fingers and disposable cameras... and the quality isn't really fantastic.

Anyway, on my way to Eugene, I went through Coburg:

It was actually a really cute place. I wish I would have taken pictures.... Imagine my shock and dismay when I found out it's an incredibly expensive place to live! I did find one little, tiny shack of a house for rent. It turned out to be $650 a month!

Continuing my way to Eugene, I saw this building:

Believe it or not, this is a CHURCH on the outskirts of Eugene! I was shocked! I thought it was a hotel of some sort at first! Huge!!!

Springfield. Hey Rayleen, I was trying to tell you a while back about a post office that I remembered going to when we were little... it was old and outdated... well, here it is:

And remember how we were talking about the preschool I went to? Where I wrote my name backwards and mom got really mad at the teacher because "What are you teaching her here?!?"? It's across from the post office!!!:

And now for some pictures I think you (Rayleen) will appreciate a little more...
I know this one isn't as good as I would have liked, but the cop that was following me was making me nervous. I wasn't doing anything wrong of course, but I didn't want to get a ticket for turning on my blinker too close to the turn or something really dumb. I'm sure the cop thought I was up to no good. Oh, the place we lived in is to the right, the little one. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the side.

And our school:

The really scary church that we used to run by... now it's pretty!

Then later:

I'm pretty sure that fence wasn't there when we were there...

I drove by this on accident and had to snap a quick picture... to the dismay of the people driving behind me, I'm sure.

Whew... enough, enough!!!

Next time: Aimee goes to the coast!


Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

Finally, a post!

aimee said...

I know! I purposely tried not to look at the date that I posted last, but when I clicked on the "comment" link, I saw. Garrr.

Rayleen said...

Cool! More pics!! Brings back a lot of memories (good ones too). Isn't that white house to the left of the one we lived in where the Dorans (sp) lived?